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Sunday, 19 May 2013 - Reported by Marcus
The Name of the Doctor: Publicity ImageDoctor Who: The Name of the Doctor achieved an overnight audience average of 5.5 million viewers, a share of 25.9% of the total TV audience.

Doctor Who was the third most popular show of the night with ITV's talent show, Britain's Got Talent, once more taking top spot with 9.2 million watching. The annual Eurovision Song Contest had an average audience of 7.7 million with audiences peaking at 9.1 million during the end of the voting.

Doctor Who outrated its direct opposition You've Been Framed! Top 100 Holidays during it's first half hour, but the tables were turned during its final 15 minutes when the drama achieved 5.3 million against 8 million for the first 15 minutes of Britain's Got Talent. Overall You've Been Framed was fifth for the day with an average of 4.1 million.

Final figures will be available next week.