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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Big Finish have released details on the latest adventures for the Doctor and his companions in March ...

The Seeds of War (Credit: Big Finish)The Seeds of War (available to pre-order)

Doctor Who: The Seeds of War is the last in the current main range trilogy of tales starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor (seen on TV from 1984-1986) alongside Bonnie Langford as Mel (companion on TV from 1986-1987). It finds the pair encountering a beleagured human race, recovering for a long and hard-fought war - but has the threat gone or is it merely biding its time?

Producer David Richardson says:
This is something of a pivotal release, as it introduces The Eminence and the Infinite Warriors. You’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future – and in the past! In fact we’ve already recorded the prequel to The Seeds of War, a Fourth Doctor Adventure entitled Destroy the Infinite.
The Seeds of War is written by Matt Fitton and Nicholas Briggs, directed by Barnaby Edwards and features amongst its guest cast Ray Fearon (Julius Caesar), Ony Uhiara (Much Ado About Nothing) and Stuart Organ (Dragonfire, but perhaps best known as Grange Hill's Mr Robson!).

Humanity is emerging from a long, exhausting war. Against an enemy so powerful, so implacable, it seemed unstoppable – right up until the moment it stopped.

Now, despite its ‘victory’, the human race is on its knees. The Doctor and Mel join its struggle for survival to try to ensure it has a future.

A race against time takes them from the Great Tower of Kalsos to the Reliquaries of Earth. In an epic journey across the ten systems, their fates are intertwined with one family. The Tevelers are to feel the effects of war more than most…

The Doctor has a plan. Mel is sure he can save the day. But something is lurking. Watching. Waiting. A presence the Doctor knows of old. But just how far does its influence pervade?

The Eminence awaits...
The Companion Chronicles: The Scorchies (Credit: Big Finish)The Scorchies (available to pre-order)

March’s Companion Chronicle sees the return of Katy Manning to the range, although it’s a very different style of Doctor Who story...

In The Scorchies Jo Grant, with the Doctor and the Brigadier, discovers an invasion by aliens who look like puppets - and really love a good showtune. Katy takes on a vast array of voices alongside the massively talented Melvyn Hayes (It Ain't Half Hot Mum) to create a Companion Chronicle unlike anything you've heard before!

David Richardson says:
I’m always looking to do something different, and you don’t get much different than we have here – a musical Doctor Who story with evil puppets.

The Doctor, his companion Jo Grant and the Brigadier face their strangest case yet – a Saturday night TV show that has been invaded by aliens that look like puppets!

The Scorchies want to take over the world. They want to kill the Doctor. And they want to perform some outstanding showtunes. Though not necessarily in that order…

With Jo caught inside The Scorchies Show, can she save the day before the planet Earth falls victim to the dark side of light entertainment?
Fourth Doctor Adventures: War Against The Laan (Credit: Big Finish) Fourth Doctor Adventures: The Justice of Jalxar (Credit: Big Finish)
March also sees the release of two Fourth Doctor Adventures starring Tom Baker, alongside Mary Tamm as Romana.

War Against the Laan finds Earth under threat once more, as the actions of the sinister Cuthbert have brought the planet to the brink of war with the Laan race, and the Doctor and Romana are caught between the two sides trying to avert disaster. Will new President Sheridan Moorkurk be able to make a painfully difficult decision?

Then, in The Justice of Jalxar, Victorian London is under threat from a sinister - apparently supernatural - force known only as the Pugilist. Thankfully, the foremost investigators of the land are on hand to solve the case: Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot! The trouble is, they're going to need some help. Luckily, their old friend the Doctor and his new assistant Romana are passing by...

David Richardson explains the decision to have two releases this month:
Some people have asked why we’re running a double bill this month. We simply chose to bring Justice of Jalxar forward by one month, as it allows people who are attending Big Finish Day on March 23 to get their copies signed by Tom Baker, Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter.

War Against The Laan (available to pre-order)

"Just a taste of Armageddon, Romana. It’s what happens when acquisitive minds are left unencumbered by conscience."

The Doctor, Romana and newly elected President Sheridan Moorkurk take on the all-consuming powers of business tycoon Cuthbert and his vast Conglomerate. But the situation goes beyond a struggle for political power. Cuthbert is intent on revenge on creatures he feels have attacked his interests. But when his revenge looks like leading to inter-species war, the Doctor knows the stakes couldn't be higher.

The Laan are on the move. Is it too late to prevent the destruction of all life on Earth?

The Justice of the Jalxar (available to pre-order)

They call him The Pugilist.

It is the dawn of a new century and a vigilante is on the loose. The scourge of the criminal underclass. The saviour of the virtuous and the protector of the weak. The police are baffled, the public enamoured… but Professor George Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago are on the case. Or at least they will be when they've finished their beer.

What is the source of The Pugilist's spectacular supernatural powers? Is he alone in his noble quest? And what is his connection to the spate of corpses discovered around London?

As they descend further into a nefarious netherworld, the infernal investigators may be out of their depth. They're going to need help if they're to get out of this alive. The help of an old friend and his new assistant. The help… of the Doctor and Romana.
Credit: Big FinishJago & Litefoot Series Five Boxed Set (available to pre-order)

Jago and Litefoot: Series 5 is also available, in a lavish five-disc box set. Picking up where their recent Voyages to Venus and The New World left them, in series five Jago & Litefoot find themselves having to get used to a whole new era - but old friends and oddly familiar faces are still there to support them as they get a new lease of life in the 1960s!

Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter are once more reunited as the characters they first played back in seminal 1977 Doctor Who story The Talons of Weng-Chiang, ably assisted by regulars Lisa Bowerman and Duncan Wisbey, and guest star Raquel Cassidy!

David Richardson said:
We’ve been thrilled by the groundswell of positive reaction to series five, and I must say it was a labour of love for us all. Of course, Jago and Litefoot are back to foggy Victorian London for series six, seven and eight – but in the meantime, enjoy this fabulous foray into the Swinging Sixties!”

After travelling through time and space with the Doctor, Henry Gordon Jago and Professor Litefoot are back in London starting brand new lives. Jago has become a huge celebrity and Litefoot the quiet owner of a bookshop, but in all other respects it is business as usual.

As they investigate a wealth of new cases – including a restaurant where the food eats the people, and a book with dangerous powers – a long game is playing out. A figure from their past is back, and this time he means to destroy them...

In addition, Tom Baker reprises the role of Long John Silver (which he previously played on stage) in a full cast audio adaptation of Treasure Island. Written and directed by Barnaby Edwards, the production also stars Nicholas Farrell (Torchwood), Edward Holtom, Tony Haygarth, Tony Millan, Gareth Armstrong (Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora) and a trio of Big Finish stalwarts: Nicholas Pegg, Nicholas Briggs and Barnaby Edwards! The three disc set also includes a behind the scenes documentary with an interview with Tom and the cast.

Treasure Island (Credit: Big Finish)Treasure Island (available to pre-order)

Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!

When young Jim Hawkins unexpectedly inherits a treasure map, he little knows what adventures await him. Pursued by pirates, betrayed by friends and beset by skulduggery, Jim must brave high seas and low cunning before he reaches the shores of Treasure Island.

His fellow treasure-hunters include the inflexible Captain Smollett, the indefatigable Doctor Livesey and the irrepressible Squire Trelawney. And then there's the ship's cook: a seafaring man with one leg who goes by the name of Long John Silver...

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure is brought thrillingly to life in this brand new full-cast audiobook adaptation.