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Wednesday, 6 February 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Claudia Grant. Photo: Jessica Carney AssociatesPrincipal Photography for the Mark Gatiss drama exploring the creation of Doctor Who, An Adventure in Space and Time, kicked off on Sunday 3rd February, with the writer proclaiming: It begins!, executive producer Caroline Skinner exclaiming: "I am on set - in 1963!!! An Adventure in Space and Time begins..........", and producer Matt Strevens commenting: "Standing on the set, day 1. Very exciting.".

As previously reported, the show's first Doctor is being played by David Bradley (with producer Matt Strevens describing him as "what a lovely man he is. Being very gentle. He's going to blow people's socks off in this.") Another of the original cast, Carole Ann Ford as Susan, has now been confirmed to be played by newcomer Claudia Grant - as reported by the agency run by William Hartnell's real-life granddaughter Jessica Carney! The actors to play the roles of William Russell and Jacqueline Hill have yet to be announced.

The set in question mentioned by Strevens was the lobby of BBC Television Centre itself, which had been made up to resemble the BBC Club as seen in the iconic photograph of producer Verity Lambert alongside the original season cast.
Script Cover. Photo: Mark Gatiss, via Twitter BBC Television Centre filming. Photo: Jake Humphrey, via Twitter BBC Television Centre filming. Photo: Andrew Mark Sewell, via Facebook Verity Lambert with the original Doctor Who cast. Photo: BBC Publicity

Day One's filming was successfully completed, with the producer concluding: "That's day 1 of An Adventure' in the bag. A very good day, lovely vibe on set. Outdoors all day tomorrow. Winter draws on." Outdoors Monday turned out to be on Wimbledon Common, where a police box prop was spotted during the day.

Wimbledon Common filming. Photo: darcylotr, via Twitter Wimbledon Common filming. Photo: James and Pierre, via Twitter Wimbledon Common filming. Photo: Joel Ormsby via Twitter Wimbledon Common filming. Photo: Joseph Burne via Twitter Wimbledon Common filming. Photo: Ann Marie Stephenson, via Twitter

Filming for Tuesday was reported as taking place on a residential street, Wilton Road in Merton, with further filming to take place inside a house made up to resemble a residence suitable for the 1960s.

Talking about the casting of David Bradley, Mark Gatiss told the Radio Times:
I’ve had David in my head for years. I’ve been trying to do this [project] for years – I tried to do it for the 40th anniversary! And before that, really – it’s taken about 12 years.
Though details of the scope of the drama have yet to be formally announced, actor Peter Purves suggested at last weekend's William Hartnell Years convention that the drama would focus on Verity Lambert's time as producer (which would also encompass the start of his time on the show). Talking about the drama itself, Mark Gatiss also told the Radio Times:
It’s mostly the personal journey of William Hartnell and his relationship with [Doctor Who producer] Verity Lambert. Eventually he had to leave, and none of us like to find that we are replaceable.