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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
An update on recent DVD announcements and developments.

The Legacy Collection

The Region Two covers for January's DVD release of The Legacy Collection have been released:

The Legacy Collection: Slipcase Cover The Legacy Collection: Shada The Legacy Collection: More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS The Legacy Collection

The Ark in Space (Special Edition)

Additional extras have now been classified by the BBFC for the release of The Ark in Space:
00:07:33:05 (SCENE AROUND SIX)
00:00:34:14 (EASTER EGG)
Scene Around Six is a presentation of the Northern Ireland film footage of Tom Baker visiting a school which was recently found and broadcast last year as part of Those Were The Days. Doctor Forever is the first of a five-part series by James Goss, taking a look at Doctor Who in different media.

The Region One details also report the inclusion of The Doctor Who Technical Manual as a PDF, plus tie-in promotional materials for Crosse & Blackwell, and Nestlé.

The Green Death (Special Edition)

During a DVD range discussion at last weekend's Midnight convention it was revealed that the fifth Special Edition DVD release for 2013 will be the Third Doctor story The Green Death. Originally released on a single disc, the revisited two-disc edition will enable the story to be presented in higher quality than before, and will include a full-length documentary by Chris Chapman. Revised production notes will be provided by Richard Bignell.

As a bonus, the DVD will also include the reunion of Josephine Jones née Grant with the Doctor in The Sarah Jane Adventures story Death of the Doctor, which includes a commentary with the writer Russell T Davies and Jo herself, Katy Manning.

Terror of the Zygons

The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine confirms that Terror of the Zygons will have a production-oriented commentary, featuring Robert Banks Stewart (writer), Philip Hinchcliffe (producer), George Gallacio (production unit manager), Sylvia James (make-up), and Dick Mills (special sound), presided over by audio restoration producer Mark Ayres.

The Tenth Planet / The Ice Warriors

Talking to Radio Free Skaro earlier in the year about The Tenth Planet and The Ice Warriors, Steve Roberts said: "I don't think that either of those are actually into animation production at the moment, but certainly we have transferred the existing episodes of both of those stories and will be restoring them fully, with the expectation that there will be animations, presumably, to intertwine."

The classification of the trailer for The Ice Warriors earlier this month certainly indicates that this story looks likely to be released next year. Whether this will feature animated versions of the missing episodes two and three has yet to be announced, but both it and The Tenth Planet are expected to have their original VHS telesnap reconstructions included in the releases.

It is also hoped that the original Michael Craze introductions recorded for The Tenth Planet will also be included (Steve Roberts noted that the introductions by Carole Ann Ford for The Reign of Terror were excluded from that release due to space limitations on the disc).

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