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Thursday, 13 December 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
The Entertainment Memorabilia auction held at Bonhams in London yesterday saw items from Doctor Who and its spin-off series fetch thousands of pounds, with the star item being the Nissan Figaro driven by Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures going for £6,000 - the top end of its estimate.

Various costumes and props from Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood went under the hammer but not everything was sold. A TARDIS exterior panel, listed as having been supplied by the BBC to the firm that made the title sequence for Sylvester McCoy's inaugural series as the Doctor, was withdrawn from the auction, having had an estimate of £400-500, and autographed scripts from Revelation of the Daleks, which had an estimate of £500-600, failed to sell.

The auction was held at Bonhams' Knightsbridge saleroom.

Full results of related auction items - sale price includes premium (estimate in brackets)

LotDescriptionSold for (£)
118Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. poster625 (500-700)
143Planet of the Spiders original scripts875 (1,200-1,500)
144SV7 costume from The Robots of Death2,500 (2,000-3,000)
145Revelation of the Daleks autographed scripts for episodes 1 and 2Failed to sell (500-600)
146Remembrance of the Daleks autographed OB schedule187 (250-300)
148Foam shark model from A Christmas Carol875 (1,000-1,500)
150TW: Scale corpse model from Countrycide250 (200-300)
151TW: Captain Jack Harkness's coat 2,125 (700-900)
152TW: Jack's safe door312 (500-700)
153TW: Jack's bedroom hatch door250 (300-400)
154TW: Martha Jones' costume from Reset625 (300-500)
155TW: Gwen Cooper's costume from Meat312 (500-700)
156SJA: Sarah's costume from Invasion of the Bane1,250 (500-600)
157SJA: Two "Slab" costumes from Warriors of Kudlak350 (250-300)
158SJA: Eve's costume from The Mad Woman in the Attic250 (200-250)
159SJA: Androvax costume from Prisoner of the Judoon and The Vault of Secrets450 (300-400)
160SJA: Clyde Langer costumes (15)500 (350-400)
161SJA: Shansheeth part costume from Death of the Doctor687 (250-300)
162SJA: Two Mister Dread costumes from The Vault of Secrets200 (250-300)
163SJA: Sarah's car (1991 Nissan Figaro two-door Targa Coupe)6,000 (4,000-6,000)

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