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Monday, 12 November 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
After a slight delay The Collectable Art Company has announced that the second of its Limited Edition Fine Art prints, featuring the Seventh Doctor's original costume, has finally been released.

Grahame Flynn, Managing Director of The Collectable Art Company, explains:
7th Doctor Costume (1987) - Sylvester McCoy with printWe originally intended this print to be available sooner but Sylvester was filming The Hobbit in New Zealand. A good result of the delay was that we were able to spend more time on the From Script to Screen booklet that is included with the print. Sylvester sent me his introduction between filming his scenes.

Ken Trew takes us through his career at the BBC and about his early experiences on Doctor Who. We look in detail at the costume design process with all of Ken's concept designs reproduced for the first time.

Chris Pocock and John Walker have kindly allowed their original costumes to be photographed in studio and former BBC Vis-FX designer Mike Tucker has given us access to Sylvester's pocket watch and original TARDIS key.

Many of the photographs are exclusive and have never been seen before.

The officially-licensed print, based on Trew's original production drawing from 1987, is available worldwide in a limited edition of 750.