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Sunday, 4 November 2012 - Reported by Marcus
Live+7 figures are now available for the series of Doctor Who episodes shown in September.

The Live+7 figures give the total numbers viewing a programme within a week of transmission, including all watching on PVR, transmission repeats and on iPlayer.

Each Doctor Who episode increased its audience by an average of 52% from the initial overnight figure, a much larger increase than achieved by the average BBC One drama, which had a 25% increase. Just under 10% of viewers watched on iPlayer, with the vast majority of iPlayer viewers time-shifting the programme.

With an average increase of 3.07 million, Doctor Who has the second-largest average increase for Drama in 2012, just being beaten by Steven Moffat's other series, Sherlock, which increased each episode by an average of 3.34 million viewers. Doctor Who has the largest percentage increase for Drama for the year so far.

TitleFirst RunLive+7increaseFirst RunRepeatsTime Shifti Player
Asylum of the Daleks6.39m9.65m51%66%4%20%10%
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship5.43m8.64m59%63%5%23%9%
A Town Called Mercy6.49m9.22m42%70%2%20%7%
The Power of Three5.59m8.68m55%64%3%24%8%
The Angels Take Manhattan5.86m8.92m52%66%3%22%9%

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