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Friday, 30 November 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Character have announced the release of the third series of their Character Building micro-figures:
Character Building: Series Three FiguresHot on the heels of the latest TV series, there’s a brand new collection of Character Building micro figures emerging from the TARDIS!

Each collection has to have the Doctor leading the way and the series three editions depict the Eleventh Doctor in his bow tie, complete with trusty Sonic Screwdriver. Popular companions Amy Pond and Rory also take their place in the line up alongside the mysterious River Song.

To create your own epic battles of good versus evil there are plenty of foes in this new collection too including, Ood and Vashta Nerada figures, along with the Doctor’s most fearsome enemy, a Dalek.

Each Micro figure comes in a foil bag and costs just £1.99, making it the perfect pocket money treat. But as you never quite know what you’re going to get, we have one question... "Who will be the first to find them all?"
There are twelve figures to collect in this series, which as well as those mentioned above also includes a Sontaran, Cyberleader, Handbot, Judoon and Madame Kovarian.

The packs will be available to buy from a number of retailers, including Forbidden Planet, from next week.

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