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Saturday, 1 September 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Tonight's episode, Asylum of the Daleks, is to feature a variety of the Doctor's greatest enemy on screen, as Steven Moffat explained earlier in the year:
We’re going to have the most Daleks we’ve had on screen ever – but they will be from every era, quite deliberately. We’re calling them in from everywhere! All of them! Even the Special Weapons Dalek. They'll all be there...

The Radio Times is inviting viewers to keep their eyes peeled for the different Dalek designs with the release of their "Dalek Bingo!" card, where some nine versions can be ticked off - if you spot them!

The full image can be downloaded from the Radio Times site to print out and play along with the episode.

As well as its own Facebook page, the magazine has also launched one dedicated to Doctor Who news and archive content.

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