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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 - Reported by Harry Ward
This week's Doctor Who Adventures magazine comes with either a squirty bow tie or a build-your-own TARDIS kit.
Your latest Doctor Who Adventures is packed with dinosaurs!

How brilliant are the latest episodes of new Who? Does it get any better than this? Well, yes actually - it does. In this week's magazine we've got a sneaky peek of A Town Called Mercy! Get ready for some real cowboy fun this Saturday.

This week's issue is also packed with loads of monster fun - check out the design secrets behind the witchy hagbags, the Carrionites, chuckle at our vegetable lookalikes and pull-out your very own Dinosaurs on a Spaceship guide!

Will your issue come with a squirty bow tie or a build-your-own TARDIS kit?*

* We cannot guarantee that you will be able to travel through time and space in your TARDIS. If you can, please go back to last week and let us know. Many thanks. And if you get the squirty bow tie, please do not squirt us as we can't swim.
Issue 286 of Doctor Who Adventures is out in the UK from 13 September.