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Friday, 31 August 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Karen Gillan was the main guest on BBC1's magazine programme The One Show this evening, during which she chatted about her time on Doctor Who, her new film Oculus and demonstrated her impression of a Dalek ordering chips and mushy peas!

Talking about her last day filming, she said:
It was weirdly serene, actually, everyone was really feeling it, and then the last scene was the three of us walking into the TARDIS - this isn't the actual last scene - and we were all in the darkness, and then we all just started hugging and it was this really weird moment - and then I cried a lot ... probably two weeks, actually in total!
And on her decision to leave:
Putting my feelings and emotions about it to the side, the most important thing to me is the show and the character, and I just wanted her to leave at the right time and to have maximum impact, and not outstay my welcome. Arthur and I have been the longest companions of the new series now so it's not as if it is happening prematurely. It just kind of feels right.

(The leaving do) was great, Arthur's favourite band played, and then we all ended up in John Barrowman's flat! We had some massive pictures of ourselves and everyone signed it.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Briggs paid a visit to Slough, where he put his own Dalek vocal talents into action 'terroring' passengers at the station and customers in Tesco.

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the show for the next seven days via the BBC iPlayer.

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