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Friday, 24 August 2012 - Reported by Harry Ward
This week's Doctor Who Adventures comes with a Dalek Attack Set – including a keyring, a bouncy ball and a paint-your-own Dalek kit!

Also in this issue:
  • New Who excitement! – We take a look at the latest Doctor Who trailer. So, if you're crazy about Daleks, dinosaurs and destruction you'd better check it out! We've even got a section for you to fill out and guess who's who and what will happen.
  • Interview – Matt Smith tells us his thoughts on Daleks.
  • Create a companion competition – Your companion will join the Doctor in our comic strip!
  • Crazy comic fun! – Join the Doctor, Amy and Rory for more comic adventures!
  • TARDIS Fast Facts!
Plus the usual comic strip adventures, exclusive posters and puzzles.

Issue 283 of Doctor Who Adventures is out in the UK now.