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Monday, 25 June 2012 - Reported by Marcus

Fish Fingers and Custard - Issue 10

Issue 10 of the Doctor Who Fanzine, Fish Fingers and Custard, is out now and can be purchased from the website. In the latest Issue
  • The casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman
  • In Conversation With A Blue Man - An Interview with Simon Fisher-Becker aka Dorium Maldovar
  • Six Appeal - what one Doctor means to a young boy
  • Season 18 - A Breath of Life, or A Strangulation?
  • Which Fan Group Are You?
  • Monster In The Bathroom - A brand new comic
The 44 page issue costs £2 in the UK and £4 for the rest of the world.


VWORP!1 is a new, unofficial guide to Doctor Who, written from the perspective of an American fan.

Every story from 1963-2011 is summarized, reviewed, and there's an "icon" system throughout the book to help readers spot such things as Dalek stories at a glance. There are also numerous essay pieces and asides which don't cover specific episodes or seasons.

Also covered are the two Peter Cushing movies from the 1960s and the two charity specials from the 1990s (Dimensions In Time, The Curse Of Fatal Death)

The author has two aims for the book: one is to find the good side to every adventure, and the other is to creatively interpret the stories so everything fits in a single timeline with as little use of the "alternate universe"/"unbound" escape hatch as possible.

A sequel, VWORP!2, is planned for 2013 and will cover the 2012-2013 seasons of Doctor Who, the various spinoffs (Torchwood, SJA, K-9), and Big Finish audios.

The official page for the book can be found here

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