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Sunday, 10 June 2012 - Reported by Marcus

Inferno Fiction - Issue Eleven

The latest issue of Inferno Fiction is now available on the Inferno Fiction Website.
  • DUST by the bunny in the tardis
    While buried beneath the rubble and dust of a collapsed building, the Doctor meets bel-Keegan who yearns to escape her home world and visit the planet Earth. Is the Doctor the answer to her desires?
  • A NIGHT AT THE OPERA by Jonathan Whitelaw Having taken Ace to see the premier of Wagner's Ring Cycle, the Doctor finds himself reflecting on mankind's place in the fabric of the universe itself.
    The Doctor is intrigued to discover a future Earth colony, where the adults go to school and the youngest are the wisest. But why are Amy and Rory suddenly behaving like children?
  • SETTING STONES by Alasdair I. Shaw
    On the ancient world of Gallifrey one of it's sons has a decision to make before the sun set.
  • PRICELESS JUNK by Stellar Explorer
    Bessie breaks down while en route to aide the Brigadier and his men but a chance find in a junk shop sends the Doctor on a trip across the universe.
  • THE CULT OF VARTAX by Will Barber
    The Doctor's arrival aboard a prison ship reactivates The Cult of Vartax from their cryogenic sleep, the leader of which holds a deadly secret.

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra are proud to present their fourth collaboration: "Dalek Suite".

The suite contains all of the main Dalek themes by Murray Gold from Series One to Five and is available on YouTube

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra invites musical fans of Doctor Who to take part in an online collaborative celebration of Murray Gold's music. Participants submitted recordings for this work from February to May 2012. The final mix includes a total of 196 submissions from 174 individual participants, ranging in age from 10 to 60, and who are located in at least 20 different countries across the world.

Eleventh Hour

A new fanzine based on Matt Smith's first season is now available.

Eleventh Hour, published by Reverse the Polarity Productions, features interviews with Toby Haynes, Ian McNeice, Andrew Gunn, Phil Ford, Simon Fisher Becker, Oli Smith, Ray Holman, Tony Lee, Justin Richards, and Barnaby Edwards who all discuss their time on Series Five.

Whovians Matt Powell and Tom Shearsmith examine the series with reviews and tales from around the viewing of the show alongside readers opinions.

Plus a series of reviews and features and in depth profiles of the lead characters of the season. .

And Series Five cosplayers discuss their work in detail including comments from renowned 11th Doctor lookalike Matt Elliot and much more.

Order details can also be found on the website.

The Doctor Who Fan Group Map

A map of regional fan groups celebrating Doctor Who has been posted by Alan McWhan of Glasgow Who.

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