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Thursday, 3 May 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
BBC Worldwide have released details about the forthcoming stories on DVD due out over the summer:

The Krotons
Release date: 2nd July 2012 (brought forward from 9th July) (available for pre-order)

Starring Patrick Troughton as Doctor Who, with Frazer Hines as Jamie and Wendy Padbury as Zoe
Written by Robert Holmes
Directed by David Maloney

Broadcast: 28 Dec 1968 - 18 Jan 1969

When the TARDIS arrives on the planet of the Gonds, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discover a world ruled and enslaved by the Krotons. The brightest Gonds are always chosen to serve as companions of the Krotons and are never seen again.

The Doctor and his companions decide to put a stop to their rule – but in doing so inadvertently unleash the true power and terror of the Krotons instead . . .

Special Features
The Greatest Show In The Galaxy
Release date: 30th July 2012 (available for pre-order)

Starring Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, with Sophie Aldred as Ace
Written by Stephen Wyatt
Directed by Alan Wareing

Broadcast: 14 Dec 1988 - 4 Jan 1989

Although Ace hates clowns, the Doctor decides to take his companion to the Psychic Circus on the planet Segonax. There they find a group of scared performers who live in fear of the sinister and creepy Chief Clown.

But what is so dangerous about this particular circus, why is there such a small audience and will Ace be able to overcome her fear before it's too late?

Special Features
  • Commentary by cast members Sophie Aldred (Ace), Jessica Martin (Mags), Christopher Guard (Bellboy), with production input from Stephen Wyatt (writer), Andrew Cartmel (script editor) and Mark Ayres (composer); moderated by Toby Hadoke
  • The Show Must Go On, a feature on the production of the story, which includes contributions from Aldred, Cartmel, Ian Reddington (Chief Clown), Mike Tucker (visual effects), David Laskey (designer), Alan Wareing (director), and the late producer John Nathan-Turner
  • Deleted and Extended scenes
  • The Psychic Circus (music video)
  • music demos for Remembrance of the Daleks by Mark Ayres
  • Tomorrow's Times, with Anneke Wills presenting media coverage of the Seventh Doctor
  • sketch from Victoria Wood - As Seen on TV (originally released with The Curse of Fatal Death on VHS)
  • Radio Times Listings (DVD-ROM)
  • Programme Subtitles
  • Production Information Subtitles
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon Trailer
Planet of Giants
Release date: 20th August 2012 (available for pre-order)

Starring William Hartnell as Doctor Who, with William Russell as Ian, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara, and Carole Ann Ford as Susan
Written by Louis Marks
Directed by Douglas Camfield and Mervyn Pinfield

Broadcast: 31 Oct - 14 Nov 1964

The TARDIS doors open by accident while the ship is still in flight. Although they have arrived back on Earth in the 1960s, a time they have been trying to return to since they all met, the travellers soon realise that something is very wrong.

The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan discover that they have all been reduced in size and the world they are now exploring has dangers at every turn . . .

Special Features
  • Commentary by Clive Doig (vision mixer), Brian Hodgson (special sound), Sonia Markham (make-up), and David Tilley (floor assistant); moderated by Mark Ayres
  • Originally a four-part story, producer Verity Lambert decided the storyline was too drawn out so re-edited the final two episodes into one. For this DVD release, those two episodes have been recreated, based on the original scripts and featuring newly recorded dialogue and animation!
  • Rediscovering The Urge To Live, a feature on the recreation of episodes three and four, including contributions from William Russell (Ian), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), John Guilor, Toby Hadoke, Ian Levine (reconstruction director) and Ed Stradling (DVD producer)
  • Doctor Who Stories - Suddenly Susan, with Carole Ann Ford discussing her role as the Doctor's granddaughter
  • The Verity Lambert Tapes, the second part of Verity Lambert's look back on being the first producer of the series
  • Prop Design Plans (DVD-ROM)
  • Radio Times Listings (DVD-ROM)
  • Programme Subtitles
  • Production Information Subtitles
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon Trailer

10th September: Vengeance on Varos - Special Edition:

The new edition of Doctor Who Magazine has revealed details of the special features on the re-release of Vengeance on Varos, starring Colin Baker as the Doctor with Nicola Bryant as Peri. Originally released on DVD in 2001, this special edition features additional material to complement the earlier version:
  • 5.1 mix of the soundtrack
  • mono audio track featuring raw studio sound during the recording of the episode
  • isolated music score, both original and 5.1 mix
  • Nice Or Nasty, a feature on the production of the story, which includes contributions from Nabil Shaban (Sil), Sheila Reid (Etta), Philip Martin (writer), Eric Saward (script editor), and Jonathan Gibbs (composer)
  • The Idiot's Lantern, on how Doctor Who has used television
  • Tomorrow's Times, with Sarah Sutton presenting media coverage of the Sixth Doctor
  • excerpt from Saturday Superstore
  • French and Saunders, unused sketch filmed on The Trial Of a Time Lord trial set (originally released with The Curse of Fatal Death on VHS)
  • BBC News reporting on the casting of Colin Baker
  • Breakfast Time, with Frank Bough interviewing Colin Baker
  • The "acid bath" scene from episode two with alternative music

Future History ...

The number of unreleased adventures is diminishing rapidly, with three of the above stories drawing eras to a close - at least for complete serials; here are the remaining adventures of the Doctor to be seen on DVD:
  • The First Doctor: The Reign Of Terror - to be released with animated episodes 4+5, currently expected for release in late 2012
  • The First Doctor: Galaxy 4: Air Lock - recently recovered episode alongside The Underwater Menace to feature on a forthcoming release. Dan Hall told DWM: "There's one release that hasn't been announced yet which will provide a home for one of them. And there's a potential release that will provide a home for the other one as well. People aren't going to see them out on DVD in 2012, though. But they are on our schedule."
  • The First Doctor: The Tenth Planet - missing episode four, current release status unannounced
  • The Second Doctor: The Underwater Menace: Episode 2 - see Galaxy 4 above
  • The Second Doctor: The Ice Warriors - missing episodes 2+3, current release status unannounced. Michael Troughton reported at GallifreyOne in February that he had recorded a commentary on the life of his father for the story
  • The Third Doctor: The Ambassadors of Death - originally to be released with The Sunmakers, but delayed due to colour recovery issues for episodes 2-7. Current release status unannounced
  • The Third Doctor: The Mind of Evil - originally mooted to be released with Terror of the Autons, but dropped due to colour recovery issues for episodes 1-6. In February Steve Roberts reported to Radio Free Skaro that episode one (which does not have a print containing the chromadot information used for the colour recovery process) will be colourised by Babelcolour, using motion-estimation techniques to aid the process
  • The Fourth Doctor: Terror of the Zygons, currently expected for release in 2013
  • The Fourth Doctor: Shada - existing footage to form part of the provisionally entitled Legacy Boxed Set alongside documentary More Than Thirty Years In The TARDIS
For other "missing" stories, the existing isolated episodes from the Hartnell and Troughton years were released in the Lost In Time boxed set back in 2004.

DVD range producer Dan Hall has also indicated that further special edition DVDs are possible in the future.

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