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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Eve Myles talks about the roles she would like: "I’d love to do Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - I do enjoy playing big, strong, feisty females. I am too old, but I would have loved to play Dorothy. (and on television) Sherlock – it is really hot. I also love Upstairs Downstairs. I am proud it gets made in Cardiff." [Radio Times, 11 Apr 2012]

Lesley Sharp commented on working with Russell T Davies: "I would go anywhere and do anything for Russell. We did some great work 10 years ago – the TV series Bob & Rose and The Second Coming. It's not true that he wanted me to be the first female Doctor Who, but I would if he asked, obviously." [Observer, 15 Apr 2012]

Matt Smith's sister Laura talks about her influence on his acting aspirations: "When I was 18 I landed a lead role in the West End production of Saturday Night Fever; Matt came to see the show 57 times and I knew he had to have more than a passing interest in performing so I persuaded him to pursue it." However, not all of her ideas came to pass: "I had a friend who worked on Footballers' Wives so I covered Matt in fake tan, gelled his hair, made him wear salmon pink trousers and sent him for an audition - he didn't get the part, which was probably a good thing... that kind of look definitely isn't him!" [Daily Mail, 14 Apr 2012]

John Barrowman spoke about the representation of gay characters on US television during his panel at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, held last weekend: "There's more gays and lesbians represented on American television than anywhere else in the world, and I think that's a fantastic thing. I just don’t think that they're always represented in the right way. I think that there's a diversity amongst [members of the community]. Everybody is different. We're got butch, we've got macho, we've got effeminate — you name it, we've got it. But it always seems that they're portrayed in the effeminate. So I was quite proud to be an action hero. I was quite proud to be an action man, a hero to young men and women, and also gay and lesbian women who could actually look myself and Scott. We are men. We just happen to like men ... If I had someone like Captain Jack when I was younger to look up to, I wouldn't have had to have hidden who I was for a long time, because I would have been proud to be who I was at the age of 8 and 9 when I knew that I was gay. I am exceptionally proud of it. Not every gay man or gay woman agrees with me on how I feel, but that's my opinion and you asked for it and I appreciate that you did ask, so there you go." [Comic Book Resources, 15 Apr 2012]

The actor also got to meet and get the autograph of author Anne Rice at the event! [Anne Rice Net on YouTube, 15 Apr 2012]

Script editor and long-term Doctor Who writer/producer Gary Russell will be appearing at Comic Guru in Wood Street, Cardiff, from midday to 5pm this coming Saturday, signing copies of much of his literary output over the years. The shop has also recorded an interview with Russell, which is being released via their YouTube channel; the first five are available now: 1 2 3 4 5

When joining Twitter, Karen Gillan discovered the hard way what fame can do as her co-star Arthur Darvill observed: "so Karen has NOT turned off her email notifications and her battery has died. Cue 50000 emails. Today just got so much better.«". The actress responded: "Someone could have told me to turn off my email notifications when I joined twitter today Arthur. Plus side? That many cyber friends.«"

Amidst all the Dalek-media-mania of the last fortnight, Dave Saunders (who possesses two originals from the Hartnell/Troughton era), said: "My uncle was a Dalek operator in the 1960s, and I took over in the 1980s. It was tremendous fun. I had to sit inside the Dalek on a wooden platform and operate it all with my feet and hands. The Dalek was on wheels and you would make it move by moving your feet, very much how you would make an office chair move. During rehearsals you had to follow dotted lines that were put on the studio floor and then remember the moves when they were taken away for the action scenes. You also had to wear a black hood so you could not be seen through the mesh of the Dalek’s head." [Shropshire Star, 12 Apr 2012]

(there are more Dalek tales, courtesy of The Sun, 12th April)

The recent Virgin Media adverts starring David Tennant alongside Richard Branson have been pulled from television - in a joint statement between the company and the BBC they said: "Virgin Media has listened to concerns raised by BBC Worldwide about perceived commercial endorsement by the BBC/a BBC brand relating to the recent Virgin Media advertisement. As a gesture of goodwill Virgin Media has agreed to withdraw transmission of the advertisement and BBC Worldwide is now satisfied that the issue has been addressed." [BBC News, 18 Apr 2012]

(Gary Russell signing/videos with thanks to Kristian Barry and Andy Frankham-Allen, Virgin Media update thanks to Chris Moore)