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Monday, 30 January 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Doctor Who Experience is to host a number of special activities in the run up to its closure in London next month:
  • Saturday 11th February: Doctor Who choreographer Ailsa Berk will be running one of her semi-regular monster lessons, where visitors will be able to learn how to move like a monster, such as a Judoon Trooper or a Cyberman.
  • Monday 13th February: Millennium FX demonstrate their sculpture techniques, illustrating the design of some of the show's iconic characters.
  • Wednesday 15th February: the Cybermen and the Ood will be at the Experience to terrify all those who dare enter!
  • Thursday 16th February: the Doctor Who make-up team will be on hand to transform visitors into a Silurian, Cyberman, Clockwork Droid or Weeping Angel.
  • Friday 17th February: Millennium FX present drawing demonstrations behind some of the show's iconic characters.
  • Sunday 19th February: another chance to move like a monster with Ailsa Berk.
The Experience finally comes to a close on Wednesday 22nd February, "where fans get the chance to bid a final farewell to the Doctor and some of the most recent monsters from the series," before re-opening in Cardiff Bay later in the year.

Update: Last Minute are offering a number of two-for-one deals to the exhibition: visit their website for more details.

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