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Thursday, 15 December 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Karen Gillan considers what she'd like to do in the future: "I want to do more theatre. I want to do more stage. I have a real passion for it. I want to do it as much as screen stuff, in all honesty, so that would be really amazing. Maybe something on Broadway. I'd love to do that. Not a musical, maybe like a play on Broadway. I genuinely just want to do good work. I'm interested in character, whether that’s in a play or a film or an indie film." [Los Angeles Times, 14 Dec 2011]

In the immediate future, however, the actress can be heard early next year narrating Scottish Passport 2012, a new STV series which will see a host of celebrities travel to a range of holiday locations across the world, including South Africa, Taiwan, Morocco and Ibiza. [4 Traders, 15 Dec 2011]

Meanwhile, the BBC have released a publicity photo for We'll Take Manhattan, the drama starring Karen Gillan as Jean Shrimpton and Aneurin Barnard as photographer David Bailey.

Matt Smith was a guest at 11 Downing Street for a special Christmas party arranged by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne for forty terminally ill children, which included face-painting, balloon animals and games. [Daily Mail, 15 Dec 2011]

Holly Earl (Lily, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe) talks about working with her co-stars: "How lucky am I getting to work with Claire Skinner? She is just so lovely. She's so funny as well; we had a good laugh on set. I’d seen a few episodes of Outnumbered, I think it's hilarious, luckily I wasn’t too star struck when I first met her. Oh, Matt Smith is so much fun, I'm so lucky! He's just got so much energy; he always brings out the best in you every take. His energy makes him such a good Doctor. Even in between takes he was so much fun, he was a dream to work with. He was really welcoming. Little Maurice (Cole) is like my brother now, he’s such a character. He's so talented and so mature for his age. He's got wisdom far beyond his years! Even when we first met we felt like a family and all had a connection." [Cultbox, 15 Dec 2011]

Alexander Armstrong has launched a £1m appeal to safeguard the future of the Lit & Phil in Newcastle, the largest independent library outside of London of which he is president. "I'm quite fanatical about this place because this is one of the reasons why the North East has taken off as a huge centre, philosophically and scientifically. There are so many fabulous things about this place, it was a very important centre for scientific research. That's the philosophical side of it because they didn't really call it science in those days, it was natural philosophy." [Journal Live, 15 Dec 2011]