Doctor Who Tops iTunes ChartBookmark and Share

Friday, 9 December 2011 - Reported by Marcus

  1. Doctor Who
  2. Modern Family 
  3. Dexter 
  4. Breaking Bad 
  5. True Blood 
  6. Top Gear 
  7. Glee 
  8. Entourage 
  9. Archer 
  10. The Walking Dead 
Doctor Who has topped the list as the most purchased TV Series from iTunes, according to figures released by Apple in the US.

Doctor Who outranked US hits including the Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family and Glee to become the most downloaded series of the year.

In the UK the current series is more usually watched on the BBC iPlayer, where The Impossible Astronaut is currently the 2nd most requested episode of the year.

In the UK iTunes store David Tennant's swan song as The Doctor, The End of Time Part 2, was the 6th most purchased TV episode of the year.

Twitter have also been reviewing the year and revealed that Elisabeth Sladen, who died in April, was the one of Twitter’s most talked-about people in 2011.

As the news of the unexpected death of the much loved actress spread around the world, fans took to the blogging site to discuss the news and to pay their tributes to the star, making the Sladen the 6th most discussed actress on Twitter in 2011.