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Friday, 28 October 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Today marks a month since the announcement that Doctor Who Confidential was to be cancelled, and also when the SaveDWC campaign kicked off to help persuade the BBC that the series was still worth producing.

The online petition has now passed 50,000 signatories, and the site reports the importance of today for the campaign:
Important News
Petition Count will be taken shortly after TODAY: Friday 28th October 2011

A COUNT will be taken shortly after this date and we will send this to the BBC Trust.

The petition will REMAIN OPEN after this time, we are simply taking account of all signatures shortly after this day so we can send a figure to the BBC. The BBC themselves may check for an updated amount so it is still very important to sign after this date even though the letter will have been sent to the BBC.
As well as signing the petition, people interested in the campaign can also follow and discuss issues via Twitter and Facebook.

Doctor Who's Head Writer Steven Moffat recently expressed his personal view of the cancellation in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, commenting on how the exploration of behind-the-scenes inspired him and many others (not least of which the 'next generation' of writers/producers/etc. as demonstrated by this year's Script to Screen initiative):
... Matt, Marcus and I went to a school to meet the winners of the Script to Screen competition, and see them watch their own work on screen. ... for once we weren't visitors from the impossible, unattainable world of television - because they'd been told they could be part of it too, and they'd even seen it happen. Out there, among all those children who took part in Script to Screen, possibilities opened and futures changed. Tell me what is more important than that?
When I was a kid, Doctor Who made me want to see behind the scenes. Seeing behind the scenes made me never want to leave, and one day, incredibly, got me the job of a lifetime. It did the same for Russell and David. And Mark and Gareth, and Neil, and Paul, and Toby, and Other Toby, and Chris, and Tom and Tom and Marcus and Piers and many more than I can count and it is going to keep doing that for as long as it is allowed.
His views were also picked up in the media, including Digital Journal, the Sun, and Unreality TV.

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