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Wednesday, 26 October 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster

2|Entertain, via @ClassicDW
2|Entertain have revealed plans for the DVD release of the incomplete Fourth Doctor adventure Shada, which would have been the finale to the seventeenth season back in 1980; commenting on Twitter via ClassicDW:
Plans are to release the SHADA fragments together with MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS in a box filled with other content goodies! Likely 2012.

Development for this DVD includes the usual making-of feature (as illustrated), with Chris Chapman reporting: "To further whet your appetites, our Shada doco is called Death Comes to Time and was shot (mostly) on location in Cambridge!"

The Restoration Team have also continued to reveal tantalising glimpses of DVD development via Twitter; news snippets include:
  • The Sensorites will contain a feature entitles Looking for Peter, a "Who Do You Think You Are?" style documentary on the writer of the story, Peter R. Newman.
  • The Nicholas Courtney documentary will be presented by Michael McManus, friend and co-writer for the actor's auto-biography Still Getting Away With It.
  • Terror of the Zygons is not expected to be released during 2012.


10 Oct Chris Chapman Editing our Reign of Terror doco today - a particularly
gripping behind the scenes story to tell! Poor old Henric...
10 Oct Chris Chapman Reign of Terror making-of (aka Don't Lose Your Head) coming
together nicely. Now if only I can find a photo of Henric Hirsch!
11 Oct Chris Chapman Back into the Reign of Terror edit - Tim Combe always
fantastic value as an interviewee!
11 Oct Chris Chapman Off-off-line edit of doco 'Don't Lose Your Head' is all done
and now winging its way to my editor Richard Alderson in Newcastle!
18 Oct Chris Chapman My notes on our rough cut of the Reign of Terror doco
21 Oct Chris Chapman Our Reign of Terror making-of is looking lovely! Really happy
with the story on this one - and all the chopping. :-)
24 Oct Chris Chapman Reign of Terror doco 'Don't Lose Your Head' will go over to ClassicDW
tomorrow - it's turned out a lot better than I thought it would!
26 Oct ClassicDW Further rough cuts to view. This one is from Chris Chapman.
For what revolutionary title it might be for. :) http://t.co/l8w8VtAR
26 Oct Chris Chapman Lovely notes back from ClassicDW for our Reign of Terror doco
'Don't Lose Your Head' - all signed off! :-)


26 Oct ClassicDW Viewing rough-cut of main VAM for Vengeance on Varos SE, made by
Thomas and Simon Guerrier. http://t.co/gme51Rv2


21 Oct Chris Chapman The Sensorites contents has been announced - including our
new doco 'Looking for Peter' - presented by Toby Hadoke.
21 Oct Chris Chapman It's not a making of... more of a Doctor Who Do You Think You Are!
21 Oct Ed Stradling "Looking for Peter", just announced for The Sensorites
is one of the best DVD docs yet. So Buy it!
25 Oct ClassicDW Moving menus for SENSORITES looking great and signed-off. Oh, no!
Region 4 test discs for UNIT won't play in DVD player. :-)
25 Oct ClassicDW Here's a quick look at one of the menus for THE SENSORITES! http://t.co/Yp4u7HXF


25 Oct ClassicDW Crikey! UNIT box test discs arrived today. :) http://t.co/7ylukdbq


8 Oct Restoration Team Grading 'The Daemons' at TV Centre, looks fantastic in
its VidFIREd glory!
8 Oct Restoration Team Jonathan Wood is valiantly struggling with poor quality film inserts
as he fights to make The Daemons look magnificent!
8 Oct Restoration Team http://t.co/kUuDyfr8 Grading The Daemons, Mr Pertwee in
all his Technicolor glory!
8 Oct Restoration Team http://t.co/FJNbFB30 Delgado becomes Marty Feldman, split-screening
real VT against restoration during grade.
8 Oct ClassicDW Restoration Team report that restored DAEMONS looks fantastic.
Can't wait to take a look and report back. Hope to post a screen grab or two!
9 Oct Restoration Team Fantastic wobbly set about 11 mins into ep5 of Daemons
when Doctor slams church door! :)
9 Oct Restoration Team Just finishing off Barry Letts obit doc amends and noted he died
exactly two years ago today. A great loss.
11 Oct Mark Ayres Audio restoration for The Daemons complete. Tricky, particularly ep5's
noisy 16mm optical. Look forward to seeing final master.
11 Oct ClassicDW DAEMONS commentaries from Mark Ayres ready for review.
Looking forward to signing this one off. Fabulous story!
15 Oct Restoration Team Potential Daemons disaster averted at the expense of my weekend
lie-in. Now heading to Peter Crocker for coffee.
15 Oct ClassicDW Early restoration test disc looking lovely! http://t.co/J0EttWIT
18 Oct Chris Chapman My Daemons doco features Katy Manning, Christopher Barry,
Richard Franklin, Terrance Dicks, Sue Hedden, Damaris Hayman and Barry Letts!
18 Oct Chris Chapman And it's called The Devil Rides Out.
18 Oct ClassicDW Great early artwork samplers from Lee Binding for THE DÆMONS and
THE FACE OF EVIL. Looking good!
18 Oct ClassicDW A quick look at today's work screen! :-) http://t.co/5j434rau
18 Oct ClassicDW "Return to Devils End" will not be on the DVD release.
20 Oct ClassicDW Screen grab from the restored edition of The Daemons! http://t.co/WUVPmpHJ


18 Oct Chris Chapman Greatest Show in the Galaxy line-up is (at least) Sophie Aldred,
Alan Wareing, Ian Reddington, David Laskey, Mike Tucker and Andrew Cartmel.


11 Oct Chris Chapman Now starting content cut on my next doco - this one
not quite announced yet. Great interviewees on this and a great story to tell!
12 Oct Chris Chapman Currently working on three Doctor Who edits at the same time!
Have a good feeling about all three - proper meaty stories to tell!
12 Oct Chris Chapman Just editing one AMAZING interviewee for a doco - this gentleman
is a massively impressive 94 years old!
12 Oct Chris Chapman here's a clue: none of them are Delta and the Bannermen.
I can also confirm that they all feature a human cast.
12 Oct Chris Chapman we've done Death to the Daleks already.:-)
13 Oct Chris Chapman A fun day ahead! I'm off to the BBC's written archives at Caversham
to examine old production documents and memos for two docos.
13 Oct Chris Chapman The fact that the BBC kept so much paperwork is AMAZING -
but odd as they junked the episodes themselves!
13 Oct Chris Chapman both docos are for previously unreleased DVDs - not Revisitations.
And they're both 1960s adventures.
13 Oct Chris Chapman Trip to the archives concluded - one story particularly well-served,
the other not so much. Still, always a worthwhile trip!
13 Oct Chris Chapman Did I mention that classic Doctor Who production goddess Margot Hayhoe
is now on Twitter? Follow her!
13 Oct ClassicDW To stop the rumour here and now, Zygons is not scheduled for 2012.
Too much other great content to fit it in that year!
13 Oct Chris Chapman Are we going to reveal the year's schedule in DWM again this year?
14 Oct Ed Stradling Off for a run and then it's back to editing the Nick Courtney
tribute doc, presented by Michael McManus
14 Oct Restoration Team lunch with ClassicDW - forward planning!
14 Oct ClassicDW Working lunch with the Restoration Team to discuss 2012 and 2013.
If you're sitting behind us, sssssh! Don't tell. :-)
15 Oct ClassicDW Home of 5 Docs, City of Death, 3 Docs, Genesis... TC6!!! http://t.co/GupjkJPk
15 Oct Ed Stradling Terror of the Zygons DVD taking shape, Main work due early 2012.
It will be my last work on the range after 9 years.
15 Oct Ed Stradling no plans for a CGI Skarasen at this stage I'm afraid
15 Oct Ed Stradling the DVD range comes to an end soon and Zygons is my last commission.
Then it's time for me to do something else!
17 Oct Chris Chapman Back on the edit for our new doco (a secret one for now) -
coming together nicely and it now has a title!
17 Oct ClassicDW Signed off sleeve text for Special Editions of TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN
17 Oct Chris Chapman So our three docos continue through the edit! Secret number 1
nearly done, Reign of Terror looking good and Secret 2 shaping up!
18 Oct Chris Chapman I'm all done on the Secret 2 rough cut now - running to
around 33 minutes at present, quite a story to tell! :-)
19 Oct ClassicDW Just found in the DVD archives whilst having a clear-out.
Thought you'd enjoy! http://t.co/zPpcZh4d
20 Oct Chris Chapman I reckon I'll be starting work on the edit tomorrow for our
25th doco... Mental!
25 Oct Chris Chapman Today's ClassicDW titbits... Reign of Terror doc's grade is rendering,
Dan Hall is viewing SecretProject1 and archive is capturing for SP2!
25 Oct Chris Chapman I wonder if ClassicDW has watched our new doco yet... (SP1)
what happens if he hates it...? I guess I could redo it with puppets...
25 Oct Chris Chapman Busy Who day tomorrow - hoping to master SP-1, upload Reign of Terror
doco to the boss, sound mix SP-0 and begin the main edit on SP-2!
26 Oct Chris Chapman So with Reign and Shada done, our remaining production slate
for Doctor Who is Secret Project 2, SP3 and Greatest Show in the Galaxy!

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