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Sunday, 23 October 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Miwk Publishing have announced a new book that delves into the history of Audio Visuals – Adventures in Time & Space, a fan-produced series of adventures starring Nicholas Briggs as the Doctor that ran between 1984 and 1991:

Audio Visuals – Adventures in Time & Space were a series of fan-produced Doctor Who audio plays made as part of a non-profit making venture. The series ran for nearly ten years becoming more polished and professional with each play.

The Doctor was played in the pilot by Stephen Payne but for the rest of the run by Nicholas Briggs, whose incarnation also played a couple of brief cameos in the comic strip for Doctor Who Magazine.

Michael Wisher was a regular performer and both Nabil Shaban and Peter Miles made appearances as well. Scripts came courtesy of Gary Russell (who later went on to produce the final season of AVs), Nicholas Briggs, Jim Mortimore, Andy Lane, Alan W. Lear and many others, while others went on to appear in and contribute creatively to BBV, Bill Baggs’ video company whose productions included, among others, a remake of the Audio Visual play More than a Messiah.

Justyce Served benefits from the contributions and support of many AV team members including Gary Russell, Nicholas Briggs, John Ainsworth, Bill Baggs, Patricia Merrick, Nigel Fairs, Jim Mortimore, Tim Keable (who also provides the new artwork as seen on the cover), Richard Marson, Alistair Lock, Nigel Peever and many others, this book charts all 27 plays and acts as both an episode guide and a production journal bringing us right up to date with the launch of Big Finish in 1998 and their subsequent acquisition of an official license to produce Doctor Who audio plays, some of which were based on Audio Visuals plays (The Mutant Phase, Minuet in Hell, Sword of Orion, Cuddlesome and more).

The book is written by Alun Harris and Matthew West, and is due to be published in September 2012; profits from the book will be donated to Amnesty International UK. It is available for pre-order from the Miwk shop.

(with thanks to Matt West)

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