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Friday, 21 October 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
During his latest visit to the USA current Doctor Matt Smith spoke to VH1, who asked the actor about his future plans at that side of the Atlantic:

When are we going to have you?
Well, hopefully soon, you know. I've got another year of Doctor Who, but then I'm certainly going to come and give it a shot, come and hang out in LA... as you say, people like Andy [Garfield] have come over, and he's a mate of mine. I'm very proud to see him doing Spider-Man, 'cause we did a play together, and, you know, Spider-Man now. It's incredible. And he'll be brilliant, he'll be so brilliant.

Are you friends with the, kind of, Brit Pack in Hollywood?"
Yeah, yeah, I've got British friends here, people like Andy. I don't know Carey [Mulligan] or Robert, but I've got a lot of British friends here that are doing very well and loving living over here as well, which is very interesting.

The interview suggests that Matt Smith may leave Doctor Who at the end of the next series; last summer newspapers such as the Sun and Mirror reported the actor was discussing potential projects with film companies during a visit to Los Angeles. Whatever his intention regarding the role of the Doctor in the future, however, it is unlikely any official announcement of his involvement in the series' fiftieth anniversary will be made until much nearer the time.

Readers in the United States can watch the full interview via the VH1 website.

Matt Smith also appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week, during which he discussed winning his Scream Award, and campaigning for Craig to appear in Doctor Who!

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