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Thursday, 6 October 2011 - Reported by Harry Ward
As news broke last week of the cancellation of Doctor Who Confidential, a campaign was immediately set up to try and save the show from being axed.

The Save Doctor Who Confidential campaign has now gained over 30,000 signatures in an online petition. The campaign has been supported by various people in the media, including writer of The Doctor's Wife, Neil Gaiman. He said via his Twitter account: "I think Doctor Who Confidential is one of the best shows about television out there, even eating aside the Dr Who...". Ben Foster, conductor for Doctor Who and composer for Torchwood said: "this show educated and thrilled kids and adults alike - hope someone sees sense and reverses this decision."

We asked Save Doctor Who Confidential a few questions about their campaign. You can read the interview below.
If Doctor Who Confidential was to return, do you think it should continue in the same 45 minute format?

If Doctor Who Confidential was to return, it would have to return as a shorter episode. I think by now it's quite clear to everyone that a 45 minute episode of Doctor Who Confidential doesn't work.

It needs to be no more than 20-30 minutes.

Would you be happy if it was to return as a much shorter internet only show?

Yes, I would be very happy for it to return in any form, however, I think it's important to show it on TV also. I think if we can come to a compromise with the BBC and meet each other half way then we will be very happy.

Does the BBC need a behind the scenes companion show to Doctor Who? What are the benefits of keeping it alive?

Doctor Who absolutely does need a behind the scenes show. Of course Doctor Who survived for a long time without Doctor Who Confidential in the classic series. But then again, we didn't have BBC3 and we also didn't have a thing called CGI or the scale to which the show is being made today. A show like this helps the main show along.

As we seen last Saturday, There were many people confused by the River Song story and then when they watched DWC they were shown her story and they understood it.

There is also the important argument, that it is educational and the reason we keep saying this is just because everyone keeps telling us that it has gave them a good insight into how television is made and from this, they can decide which area they want to pursue. They can decide whether they want to be a writer or a director, or a stuntman or even an actor. Who knows, these people could be making the show in the future, thanks to Confidential.

Have you had any negative feedback about the campaign?

I've never really had any negative feedback about the campaign. I think most people think we are doing good things for the viewers' and the kids. That is why we made it, there was alot of parents very unhappy as well as the whovians.

You get some people who say there is no point, it's rubbish, you shouldn't bother. But most of these are people who do not watch the show and they just think it's a show like "The X Factor's Xtra Factor". Some other's say that Confidential will eat Doctor Who's budget. I really can't see how and I also can't see it being a dramatic cost. It really doesn't make sense to me or the viewer's plus, they will be missing a trick for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013 by having Confidential. If Confidential sold DVD's for the 50th, I think they would sell really well and make the BBC money. I'm of course not not telling anyone how to do their job, it is just a suggestion.

People also have to remember, I am just a fan like they are, I don't do campaign's for a living, I am dedicating my own time into this. I am doing this to help these people get their views across so I really hope they appreciate that fully.

What is the next stage of your campaign? Do you have plans to talk to the controller of BBC Three, Zai Bennett?

The next stage of the campaign is to get as many signatures on that petition as possible as quickly as possible.

We also have been in touch with BBC One's Points of view and they seem to be interested in what people have to say. That's quite exciting because really, the BBC have to say something other than a copy and paste email.

So really, All eyes are on Sunday now and in the meantime, we need those petition signed by as many people as possible.

I am willing to speak to Zai Bennett, I really can't blame him for trying to save money however, it's up to the viewer's to tell him it was a bad decision otherwise he won't know and people will lose a good show without saying their piece which is wrong.

I think the best thing we can do for now is hear them out on BBC One this Sunday and then decide what to do next. All we can do for now is leave no stone unturned!

The BBC's official comment on the cancellation of Doctor Who Confidential:
The 'Doctor Who' spin-off series, 'Doctor Who Confidential' has been a great show for BBC Three over the years, but our priority now is to build on original British commissions, unique to the channel. We regularly have to make difficult decisions and unfortunately sometimes they will prove to be unpopular with sections of the audience.

The campaign can be followed on Twitter via @SaveDWC, and the petition can be signed here.

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