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Tuesday, 1 November 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Karen Gillan commented on how she'd like to see her character Amy leave the series: "Death would be an option. I don’t want Amy to pop up again every so often, because for me it would take away from the big, emotional goodbye. Once she’s gone, she’s gone - I want people to remember the Amy Pond era as a good one." [Mirror, Daily Record, 31 Oct 2011]

Singer song-writer Mark Eitzel commented on hiring Arthur Darvill last year in his Brighton stage show: "Not many people know this, but aside from being a great actor, Arthur’s a fantastic musician. He gave my little production 120% all the time, and we even ended up playing in a band together when I performed at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead. It’s weird though seeing him running round fighting Daleks or whatever – I’m like, 'That’s the guy who sang in my play?'" [Western Mail, 31 Oct 2011]

John Barrowman revealed that he is often asked out to the jungle: "They ask me on I'm a Celeb every year and each year I politely say, 'No'. But I kinda want to do it. I think it'd be fun and some of the trials are pretty out there. But my partner, Scott, reminded me that there would be no way I could cope in the jungle. If I don't eat, I get grumpy. Happy John you see on the telly would soon turn into Grumpy John and I'd probably start snapping at the other contestants." [Western Mail, 1 Nov 2011]

The actor will also be performing at the Macmillan Centenary Gala, taking place at the London Palladium on the 28th November. The show, hosted by Graham Norton, will feature a variety of performers, including Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Jimmy Carr, and Jimmy Osmond. [Theater Mania, 31 Oct 2011]

Peter Davison rates A Very Peculiar Practive amongst his best performances: "I think from my point of view it's right up there near the top I think in terms of personal enjoyment of it. I mean I loved doing it - I enjoy doing every show I do actually - but I think it just held a special place because the writing was so good. And it's one of those scripts you get where you just don't want to change a word . It really is terrific, the really well written scripts are easy to learn, they just flow and it makes the whole process so much easier. This show had it." [Bang Showbiz via The List, 31 Oct 2011]

Sylvester McCoy will be a guest at this year's Auckland Armageddon Expo, and appeared on New Zealand's NZTV's Good Morning to chat about the expo, rugby, his career, and NOT The Hobbit! (Other Doctor Who guests at the Expo include Louise Jameson, Mark Sheppard, and Morgan Sheppard) [TVNZ (video), 27 Oct 2011]

Sara Lloyd-Gregory (Carys, Torchwood: Day One) reflects on the highlight of her career: "Torchwood was amazing. It was brilliant to be working with creator Russell T Davies and the cast were incredible. I had a lot of fun playing Carys who seemed to spend a lot of time snogging people! In fact, I do spend a lot of time playing dark characters but I like that. It gives you the chance to challenge yourself, to let loose and push yourself." [South Wales Guardian, 1 Nov 2011]

Shane Rimmer (Seth Harper, The Gunfighters) has recorded an audio version of his autobiography, From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls; the character actor reflects on his career that covers Doctor Who, James Bond, Coronation Street, Star Wars, Batman Begins, and of course the voice of Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds as well as many more. The 3CD set is due to be released on 31st November. [available from Big Finish]

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