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Saturday, 20 August 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Audit Bureau of Circulations have now released statistics relating to the distribution figures of magazines for the first half of 2011, which includes details relating to both official publications, Doctor Who Magazine (Panini) and Doctor Who Adventures (BBC).

When compared to previous periods, the data reveals how the average circulation trends have fared:

 Jul - Dec 2009Jan - Jun 2010Jul - Dec 2010Jan - Jun 2011
Doctor Who Magazine29,00035,374 (+22%)33,554 (-5.1%)30,682 (-8.6%)
Doctor Who Adventures44,66453,559 (+20%)56,648 (+5.8%)50,013 (-11.7%)
Figures: Audit Bureau of Circulations

The figures show that both magazines saw a decline in circulation for the first half of this year, with DWA dropping to below its circulation for the same period in 2010. Further breakdown on circulation can be found within the publication certificates linked to above.

(with thanks to John Bowman)