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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 - Reported by Marcus
A number of special workshops are being helps over the summer holiday at the Doctor Who Experience in London.

Last Friday the editorial team from Doctor Who Adventures magazine held a special Behind the Scenes masterclass. The magazine team ran four interactive one-hour sessions, during which they showed over 100 youngsters how to go about making a weekly magazine.

The masterclass gave an insight into all aspects of magazine publishing, from designing a magazine cover to deciding on the ideal free gift. Each session was lead by Doctor Who Adventures editor, Natalie Barnes, while there was also a special guest appearance from comic designer John Ross, who has designed a comic strip for every issue of the magazine since it launched over four years ago.

Natalie Barnes said, "We had a lot of fun at the Doctor Who Experience on Friday. The workshop was a great opportunity for us to meet with fans of Doctor Who Adventures and to show them how we put the magazine together. We were really impressed by their creativity– they’ll be after our jobs soon.”

Further events are planned over the next couple of weeks. There is no extra charge for these events,but due to high demand it is advisable to obtain tickets in advance.

Friday 12th August
‘Walk Like a Monster’ Masterclasses
Throughout the day, Ailsa Berk, choreographer for Doctor Who, will be hosting live ‘Walk Like A Monster’ Masterclasses. Come and learn how to walk and move like of some of the Doctors scariest enemies including the Cybermen and the Scarecrows!

Wednesday 24th August
Silurian Prosthetics Demonstrations
This is a chance to discover the secrets behind how the Doctor Who team create the Silurians with a live monster makeup and prosthetics demonstration. Featured in the most recent episode of the show ‘A Good Man Goes to War’, the Silurians were Earth's first intelligent inhabitants, cold-blood reptilians with a lifespan of over three centuries who developed a civilisation at least 300 million years before human beings evolved.

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