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Sunday, 31 July 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Red White and Who
A new book is to be released in 2012 entitled Red White and Who - The Story of Doctor Who in America; edited by Arnold T. Blumberg, Steven Warren Hill, Jennifer Adams Kelley, and J. Shaun Lyon, the book aims to be the definitive guide to Doctor Who fandom in America, from its origins through to modern-day forums and fan groups.

Every American Doctor Who fan has a story to tell, and fans of the iconic British television show love to tell stories. All of them, from casual viewer to hardcore fanatic, will happily regale others with the tale of how and when they discovered the greatest science fiction media franchise ever. The majority of the first dedicated American Who fans first met the Doctor in the early 1980s, nearly twenty years after the show began in 1963…but the story of Doctor Who in America, a fascinating, complex and influential journey into pop culture, stretches much farther back...

RED WHITE AND WHO is a chronological narrative of the history of Doctor Who – and its fandom – in the United States, incorporating rare illustrative material, and interviews with and essays by some of the key people who laid the groundwork for the fandom in which we participate today.

The editors are looking for American fans who can contribute to the book, and have provided several ways to get in touch:
Contributions can include printed material and photos, and the editors have outlined how these can be made:
To contribute material to help us with our research and for possible inclusion in the book, please follow these guidelines:
  • PRINTED MATERIAL/PHOTOS: Scanned jpegs or PDFS (1:1, 150dpi/b&w, 300dpi/color). E-mail them after initial contact, share via an online sharing site, or mail on CD/DVD. If you can’t scan, you can mail photocopies. If you must mail photos, we recommend duplicates; we cannot guarantee condition of photos after submission.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: MP3/AIFF files and any video format can be e-mailed, shared or sent on CD/DVD and other physical formats.
  • MAILING ADDRESS: Send all physical submissions to Red White and Who, P.O. Box 975, Skokie, IL 60076-0975 USA.
PLEASE NOTE: With ALL submissions, please include full name, mailing address, and e-mail address. A phone number would also be useful. All contributors will be credited in the final volume if we use your material; any personal photographs will also be properly noted on the copyright page. All copyrights remain your own. Submission of material constitutes an agreement that you accept printed credit as compensation for your submission.

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