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Saturday, 9 July 2011 - Reported by Harry Ward
This roundup features three fanzines, two of which are first issues, a new album from a Time Lord Rock band and the first completed work by the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra.

Doctor Who Fan Orchestra - I Am The Doctor

DWFO: "I Am The Doctor", "socksofbalhoon", via YouTube

Whotopia - Issue 21

In this issue:
  • Nicholas Courtney & Elisabeth Sladen Tributes - Michael S Collins, Gary Phillips, Bob Furnell, Thomas Willam Spychalski and Claire Chaplin pay tribute to two fo the series' most acclaimed actors.
  • Jean-Marc L'Officier Interview - Jez Strickley talks to the author and translator about the original Doctor Who program guide, French comics and a certain Docteur Omega...
  • Music for Ming Mongs - David MacGowan takes us on an innovative tour of Doctor Who by way of the indie rock band, the Gossip.
  • Wholife: Dressing Up - Grant Bull joins Whotopia's team of columnists with an ireverent look at dress sense in Doctor Who.
  • Dalek's Advocate: In Defence of Michael Grade - Jon Arnold don's the mantle of Skarosian lawyer to defend former BBC Controller Michael Grade.
  • The Fanzine Corner - With the world of fanzines at his fingertips, Bob Furnell spotlights one of fandoms enduring features in the all-new column.
  • They Think It's All Over - Michael S. Collins mind turns to a tournament of galactic proportions.
  • Audio Tomb - Matthew Kresal explores the audio version of The Tomb of The Cybermen with an eye on its TV counterpart.
  • Who's Catchphrase Craze - Emily Jones considers how certain catchphrases have come to define the new series.
  • Sarah Jane Adventures: Series Four Reviews - Jon Arnold, Grant Bull, Brendan Kennedy, Dan Rushton, Thomas Willam Spychalski and Ian Wheeler tell us about the latest offerings from the successful spin-off series.
  • K-9 Series One Review - How did the much-anticipated K-9 series fare? Gary Phillips tells all.
  • Target Trawl - Wirrn and Axons are on the menu in another lively instalment from our resident Target books reader, Nick Mellish.
  • Screwdrivers, Scaries and Scarves: The TARDIS - A look at the Doctor's longest-standing 'companion' by Jez Strickley.
  • Sacreligious Thoughts - Bob Furnell offers explanations why he's not in love with Doctor Who like he use to be.
  • A Christmas Carol Review - Just how special was Matt Smith's first Christmas outing? Gary Phillips gives us his view.
  • Fiction: The Thoughts of a Time Machine - New original fiction from British writer Martin Hearn.
All this and more in Whotopia issue 21. Available to download for free in PDF format.

Fanwnak - Issue 1

In this issue:
  • Interview - Toby Hadoke on moths, the BBC and running through corridors...
  • Doctor Who's Big Fat Gypsy Massacre!
  • Jeff's Internet History Lessons
  • Shada Reconstruction News
  • Philip Hinchcliffe's Production Notes
  • Fan Fiction - The Silent Space
  • William Shakespeare
  • My Heretical Error
  • Gumblejack
  • Mo' Hanky-Panky In The TARDIS
  • The Unloved
  • Six Years Of New Doctor Who
  • Doctor Ooh!
  • Comic Strip - At Home With The Who's
  • Trying Not To Get Lost
  • Doctor Who And The Victorians
  • Letterbox
And more...

Submissions needed for Issue 2:
In order to survive, every printed publication needs high quality contributors. (Hopefully, that's you!) In an age where online publication is the now the norm, it is instantly gratifying to get your work/thoughts out to the world for virtually free and getting a printed fanzine off the ground is hard. FANWNAK Issue 1 eventually launched with much acclaim after months of development. Now it's your chance to contribute to the upcoming Issue 2. Just email me at if you'd like to help out. I am accepting comic strips (in full glorious colour) and articles for either the new or classic series of Doctor Who whether they be funny or serious, I'd appreciate your support. Thank you!

Theta Morbius Times - Issue 1

In this issue:
  • We pay tribute to the incredible lives of Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney in Who's News
  • TMT exclusively interviews Baelcolour and Aquatics64, two highly regarded fan film creators about their life, their craft and their future
  • Memorial is a tragic and moving strip about grief and loss. Find out what makes it so succesful in the Archive
  • And in another comic strip feature, TMT investigates the incredible world of the Doctor's comic strip companions in the Fundamentals
  • We review the first two episodes of Series Six and find out what makes these episodes work in Who's Views
  • In an incredible exclusive we interview Rich Morris, the creator of the incredible comic strip The Ten Doctors in the first part of our Serialised Comic
  • Plus regular features such as Novelisational, the Escapists column and reviews of both new and old episodes and merchandise.
All this and more in the latest issue of Theta Morbius Times!

Chameleon Circuit - Still Got Legs

Release Date: July 12, 2011

You can listen to the whole album for free in the player below courtesy of Alex Day.

More products from Chameleon Circuit can be found here.