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Thursday, 28 July 2011 - Reported by Marcus
The new Doctor Who Magazine takes a look at Torchwood: Miracle Day with behind the scenes to talk to the cast and crew of this extraordinary adventure, including stars John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper), Mekhi Phifer (Rex Matheson), Alexa Havins (Esther Drummond), Kai Owen (Rhys Williams), Lauren Ambrose (Jilly Kitzinger) and head writer and creator Russell T Davies.

DWM asked John Barrowman, could Jack ever return to Doctor Who?
Yes, I want to come back! The beautiful thing about Doctor Who is, it’s time travel. Matt’s Doctor could go back before Jack met his Doctor. Or Matt’s Doctor could meet a darker Jack...? That’s fine too. There are ways to do it. When he’s in Doctor Who, Jack is very different to the Jack that’s in Torchwood. Everybody knows my love of Doctor Who, and I would do it at the drop of a hat.

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