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Friday, 24 June 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
With a couple of episode title mentions popping up in the media over the last week, here is an update of the currently known titles making up the second half of the current series, back later this year. Please note that (with the possible exception of episode eight!), the titles may still change before broadcast!

The following episode titles and snippets may reveal plot details that readers might consider spoilers.

Episode Eight: Let's Kill Hitler

This title was, of course, confirmed in the end credits of the mid-series finale, A Good Man Goes To War.

Episode Nine: Night Terrors

Mark Gatiss confirmed on the Danny Baker Show (BBC Radio 5 Live, 18th June) that the title to his episode (nine) is to be Night Terrors. The episode - moved from its original position in the first half of the series - had been previously been reported as What Are Little Boys Made Of? by Doctor Who Magazine #433.

Episode Ten: tbc

On the other hand, Tom MacRae recently spoke to the Telegraph about his involvement with the interactive show The Crash of the Elysium, during which he also discussed his forthcoming episode (ten) in Doctor Who and how it's name isn't known as yet!
I’ve written episode 10 which I think is my most accomplished piece of plotting ever. What’s interesting is that the requirements of the script meant that for various reasons nothing has gone out about it at all. We didn’t do much location filming, and the way the guest characters work is unusual, so no one knows anything about my episode. There’s speculation about it which is wrong - some bright spark has put the title of the episode on IMDB as The Green Anchor - it has never been called that! I’m amazed we’ve kept it this secret because there’s a really big surprise in it. All I will say is that it’s an unusual episode and it’s really great.

Episode Eleven: The God Complex

This title for Toby Whithouse's episode was reported in Doctor Who Magazine #432, which also confirmed the director as Nick Hurran and its guest star as David Walliams.

Episodes twelve and thirteen have yet to be named, though the former has been nicknamed "The Lodger 2" owing to its guest star James Corden reprising his role as Craig Owens.