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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Theta-Sigma, animation partners with Big Finish for the recreation of missing episodes in 2|Entertain's The Reign of Terror DVD release, have provided an update on how the project is progressing:
We are now two days into production. After a fantastic preproduction period, images are pouring out of the studio. Meticulous research has been done, even involving the help of Paris University's Archaeology Department to get some of the period features, which do not appear in the extant episodes, correct. 3D models of every set used have been built as guides for our artists. Model sheets of the main characters and key backgrounds are now being painted. There's a fantastic buzz surrounding the project. Every member of the team is focused on getting detail and accuracy to the highest possible level.
The company have also sent a copy of a promotional poster created for 2|Entertain's ClassicDW Twitter account.

(with thanks to Austen Atkinson, Theta-Sigma)

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