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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Last night saw the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day - The New World - receive its UK premiere at the British Film Institute; cast and crew were in attendance for the screening in front of both press and fans.

The screening was followed by an Q&A with its stars John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Bill Pullman, and writer/executive producer Russell T Davies; other members of the cast and crew were present in the audience, including Kai Owen, Tom Price, executive producer Julie Gardner and director of episode one, Bharat Nalluri.

Avoiding spoilers for what comes up later in the series, the guests focused upon their many anecdotes from the shoot, with Barrowman and Myles discussing the excitement of making the show at Warner Bros - not to mention the pranks the former likes to pull! - and Pullman commenting on what it was like to work with his Welsh co-stars on the project. When asked about if the show could become fully "American" in later (potential!) series, Davies indicated that he'd want Torchwood to remain Welsh at its heart.

Highlights from the Q&A are expected to be available to watch on the BFI website from next week.

Prior to the screening, the press were able to chat to the stars about the show, and the BBC have published an article including a video interview featuring Barrowman, Myles, Pullman and Davies discussing their thoughts on making a new, co-funded series in America.

"There's no time to breath, it slams you in the face with action, with drama and with the best narrative we've ever told."

"Jack's a hero, but he's been a bad guy in his times, so there's more depth and I think the audience love that - they like to see their characters portrayed a little flawed."

"In amongst all that, you have great big Torchwood chases, stunts and thrills, and jokes, and tragedies as well - so it's the same old Torchwood world."

"This character is almost like the impossible scenario - can you survive this? - which is to be clearly fingered as the worst person anyone has ever meet ... given this chance at immortality."

Bill Pullman appeared on BBC's Breakfast this morning, discussing the development (and name!) of his character, and also on what he thought of Russell T Davies:
I wasn't expecting - I'm thinking prototypical Welsh like Anthony Hopkins or Richard Burton, dark, moody - but he's bright, just such a passion, he is such a generous spirit, and very special to everybody that works with him. He has really, now, quite a following in the States - he and Julie Gardner run a very professional operation.

Davies himself can be heard discussing how he took the show from Wales to Los Angeles tonight on Front Row (BBC Radio 4) from 7:15pm.

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