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Monday, 6 June 2011 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who: iPlayerDoctor Who took the top three places of the most requested programmes on the BBC iPlayer in May.

Top of the chart was the Neil Gaiman written episode, The Doctor's Wife, which was requested over 1.242 million times during the month. Close behind was The Curse of the Black Spot with 1.239 million requests and Day of the Moon with 1.120 million requests.

The highest non Who programme was The Apprentice Episode 2 which came in fourth with 1.18 million requests. The Rebel Flesh was fifth with 1.145 million requesting and The Almost People crept into the top ten with 0.848 million requesting, dispite only being available for the last four days of the month.

The most requested programme this year is still Episode 2 of the Matt Lucas, David Walliams comedy, Come Fly With Me which has been requested 1.86 million times. Hot on its heals is The Impossible Astronaut with 1.79 million requests so far, needing just another 70,000 before it goes off line at the end of this week to take the top place. Day of the Moon is currently 6th for the year.

Nothing has yet come near toppling the Matt Smith d├ębut episode, The Eleventh Hour, which still holds the record for the most requested programme ever with over 2.5 million requests.

The complete request analysis for iPlayer in May are available from the BBC Internet Blog