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Friday, 3 June 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
A number of Internet Security sites have reported that several marketing scams are in progress using the promise of a clip from this Saturday's mid-series finale A Good Man Goes To War as a premise to visit their sites and potentially collate personal information.

The scams running on YouTube purport to point to a video elsewhere that is too large for the site, but then require the visitor to perhaps fill out a survey or sign up to an offer before gaining access to the alleged clip.

GFI Software security researcher Chris Boyd commented:
The same thing happened when the last series finale was due to air. There was also a bit of an issue with various Doctor Who games doing the rounds, too. As always: avoid.

Everything we’ve seen so far is the usual fake video/survey nonsense, but there could well be malware in the offing between now and Saturday.

Please note: the only official clips from A Good Man Goes To War are available free to watch courtesy of the BBC.