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Thursday, 2 June 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The BBC have released a couple of previews for this Saturday's episode, A Good Man Goes To War:

Preview One: A Good Man Goes To War, BBC, via BBC Website

Preview Two: A Good Man Goes To War, BBC, via BBC Website

Digital Spy talked to Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill about what to expect in the mid-series finale:

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill interview, Digital Spy, via YouTube

Karen Gillan chatted to TV & Satellite Week over the impact of Amy's revelation last week:
It is really, really emotional for Amy what she goes through. I think any woman watching will really feel for her. It is something that I actually found quite difficult to understand so I had to speak to my mum about the labour scene and just tried to make it really horrific. ... (Giving birth) is going to change her in a big way for the long run and I think we are going to get to see Amy in a really different light.

I didn’t know until we started shooting it because everything is really last minute on Doctor Who, so you just get the script. Then there was a dummy ending on the episode seven script so none of us knew what was actually going to happen until the readthrough when Steven Moffat took us outside and showed us on his laptop.

There are lots of monsters in this one and it really feels like a finale. There are lots of old familiar things coming back and lots of storylines that have been going on for many years will be resolved.

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Guest stars Simon Fisher-Becker and Danny Sapani spoke to Cultbox about their characters and appearances in the episode:
Dorium is at heart a good guy, but he lives in the murky depths. Think of him as Arthur Daley. Oh, you’re probably too young to remember Arthur Daley! He works in the murky world of black marketing, so that’s why River Song went to him to get the vortex manipulator.

Everyone always talks in code - and I’m very bad at picking up code - everything is kept quite secret, so any development of the character I have to find from the page and in-between the lines.

Because my character is in it throughout, I did have a complete script. Our very first scene that we filmed, we were all together, but it was all out of context, it was all in the wrong order, so it was all very confusing. We had no idea what was going on, but it was an absolute hoot!

What I will say is that a lot of questions will be answered, but then a whole bucket load of new questions will come forward. And the cliffhanger is very good, as you would expect!

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Manton is a powerful leader, a scary man and a fearsome soldier. He understands and respects the religious, but is more interested in power. He is obsessed with killing the Doctor.

It is a very complex story with many strands involving many characters from the past and present. I felt it really challenged my need for a back-story, to flesh out the character and know how they relate to the story as a whole, but in the end it made for a more spontaneous experience. I trusted the direction. I am sure it will be great.

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