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Friday, 6 May 2011 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who: iPlayerDoctor Who is once more dominating the iPlayer downloads with episode one of the new series, The Impossible Astronaut, being accessed over 1.5 million times in the 12 days following transmission.

The figure is nearly three times higher than any other programme available on the iPlayer over the same period. In the first week after transmission 1.38 million accessed the programme, this compares with the 1.27 million who accessed last year's series opener, The Eleventh Hour, over the same period. The Eleventh Hour went on to become the most downloaded programme ever, a title it still holds, but a title that may be under threat if The Impossible Astronaut continues to attract such attention on the iPlayer.

The second in the series, Day of the Moon, had been accessed over 1.07 million times in the four days it has been available. It has eclipsed The Royal Wedding Service which has been downloaded 0.62 million times since Friday.

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