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Wednesday, 6 April 2011 - Reported by Harry Ward
This month's issue of SFX features the Doctor and Amy Pond on the front cover, plus a world exclusive preview of the new series of Doctor Who and results of the Craziest Ever Doctor Who Poll.

Doctor Who content in this issue:
  • World first TARDIS sound effect cover! If there’s a problem with magazines, it’s the not-insignificant lack of sound effects to accompany your literary journey. The good news? This is a problem of the past (for one issue at least…) thanks to the world first TARDIS soundcard tucked inside issue 208.
  • Look Who’s Back! To celebrate The Doctor’s imminent return to telly boxes across the globe we popped down to the big smoke to snap time-travelling trio Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill for our exclusive cover feature. There’s some words with that Steven Moffat bloke in there somewhere too.
See a full list of non-Doctor Who related content from this issue here.

Issue 208 of SFX is on sale from Thursday 7 April.

A few weeks ago SFX.co.uk asked fans to vote in a number of categories for their Craziest Ever Doctor Who Poll. The results have been announced today on their website. Fans thought Helena Bonham Carter would make the best first female Doctor. She received 14.79% of the nearly 2,000 fans who voted. In second place with 9.5% is Tamsin Greig, who played a nurse in The Long Game.

Dave Golder, online editor of SFX.co.uk said:
Some might argue that Helena Bonham Carter’s whole career has been one long dress rehearsal for the part. The Doctor has always been an eccentric and actresses don’t come much more eccentric than Helena. Of all the Doctors so far she is probably most like a female Tom Baker, though we can see little bits of Troughton, Tennant and Smith in there too. What should she wear? A black wedding dress probably.

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