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Thursday, 31 March 2011 - Reported by Harry Ward
The first ever issue of the Doctor Who Insider magazine launches in North America to coincide with the return of the new series.

In the first issue, there’s an exclusive interview with eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, plus Doctor Who production designer, Michael Pickwoad reveals how he built an entire new world for the holiday special.

Also in this issue:
  • Return of the Heroes The Fifth Doctor returns in a new trilogy of audio dramas, and in the first story he fights his old enemies, the Sontarans. We go behind-the-scenes to talk to the producers and writers of these brand new adventures and find out what’s in store for the Doctor and his companions.
  • I was... Chessene (of the Franzine Grig) - Jacqueline Pearce, best known as Servalan in Blake’s 7, recalls playing an alien Androgum opposite Doctors Two and Six – Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker, in 1985’s The Two Doctors.
  • Nexus Point We take a look at the memorable moment from Pyramids of Mars where the Fourth Doctor shows his companion Sarah what the Earth might look like if the evil Sutekh escapes his imprisonment.
  • Data File Who’s who and what’s what in the Doctor Who holiday special, A Christmas Carol.
  • Time Scoop Caught in the Time Scoop this issue are the Sontarans. We present a pictorial guide to the many appearances of the clone warriors over the years.
  • Merchandise Previews of the latest Doctor Who merchandise, including Kinda & Snakedance on DVD featuring mini interviews with Janet Fielding and Marc Platt; new talking books, The Jade Pyramid and The Gemini Contagion from AudioGO; author James Goss reveals his inspiration for his new novel, Dead of Winter; and we take a look at the latest action figure sets from Underground Toys.
  • Fan Zone A fantastic selection of pictures of fans posing with some well known Doctor Who celebrities, including Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Elisabeth Sladen. Plus photos of some fantastic Doctor Who inspired fan creations.
Plus the latest official news on the new series, and a giant, double-sided poster of the Eleventh Doctor and A Christmas Carol. Don’t miss the first issue of Doctor Who Insider. On sale in the US: Thursday April 7th 2011, priced $6.99. The magazine will be on sale in the UK on 6th May 2011.

Subscription to the magazine is available now via the International Media Service. UK readers can also subscribe to the magazine here.

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