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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 - Reported by Harry Ward
Two new Maxi Busts have been added to the Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection range by Titan Merchandise plus there are two new Forbidden Planet exclusive Doctor Who costumes t-shirts and new additions to the Dalek action figure collectors set.
Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection Maxi Busts
These are beautifully-sculpted 8" Polystone maxi-busts

  • These beautifully-sculpted 8" maxi-busts capture Tom Baker's scarf-bedecked fourth Doctor at his mysterious, mercurial, enigmatic best (Release date: 16 October 2011); David Tennant's tenth Doctor in all his slender, sharp-suited dynamic glory (Release date: 26 September 2011) and Jon Pertwee's flamboyant third Doctor incarnation in his velvet-jacketed, bouffant-haired glory. (Sculpt subject to approval)
  • From the Earthshock story line, there is a beautifully-sculpted 8" maxi-bust of the classic Cyberman design which captures one of the Doctor's most notorious arch-enemies in all his heartless semi-robotic glory. (Release date: 30 July 2011) From the classic Blink episode, the maxi-bust of a Weeping Angel captures every detail of the Tenth Doctor's stone nemesis. (Sculpt subject to approval)
The busts of the eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Captain Jack Harkness will be released this summer.
Doctor Who Costume T-shirts (Forbidden Planet Exclusives)
Get started in the fashion stakes with this fantastic Forbidden Planet Exclusive T-Shirt designed to commemorate the Timelord's iconic outfit!
  • The whimsical seventh Doctor's wonderful waistcoat and the sixth Doctor's patchwork coat, cat pin and question mark lapels an be yours with these amazing printed t-shirts! (Pending license approval & subject to change)
  • the fifth Doctor's cream-coloured frock coat, cricket jumper and iconic question mark lapels, and the fourth Doctor's waistcoat, frock coat, and, most famously, his amazing multicoloured scarf t-shirts are out now!
Dalek Action Figure Collectors Set
Only available for sale in the UK and Ireland.
  • The Genesis set includes Davros and 2 variant Daleks along with the fourth Doctor in his dufflecoat. - Release date: 15 April 2011
  • The Destiny set includes the fourth Doctor, Davros, and two Gray Daleks variants. - Release date: 16 May 2011
  • The Revelation includes Davros, a Necros Dalek, a Skaro Dalek and the sixth Doctor in his blue mourning cloak. - Release date: 05 April 2011

The Resurrection and Remembrance sets are available to buy now.
(6th Doctor action figure photo courtesy of Luke Williams)

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