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Thursday, 24 March 2011 - Reported by Harry Ward
A roundup of recent fan productions includes new issues of fanzines and a request for submissions to a new book!

Whotopia - Issue 20

In this issue:
  • The Tennant Legacy - Ian Wheeler considers what Doctor number ten has given to the series
  • Ten Again Thomas - Willam Spychalski take us on an overview of the Doctor's tenth persona
  • Tennant's Ladies - Emily Jones reflects upon the Tenth Doctor's female companions
  • Martha Jones: Is She The Worst Companion Ever? - A fresh critique of the Tenth Doctor's lovelorn companion by Steve Tomporowski
  • The Perfect Tennant - Kenny Smith investigates whether the Tenth Doctor was the perfect Doctor
  • Romance In Doctor Who - Grant Bull tackles one of the series' more contentious aspects
  • How The Mighty Fall - A look at the apparent end of the Time Lords by Matthew Kresal
  • The Stephen Wyatt Interview - Jez Strickley keeps an eye out for lethal cleaners and sinister circuses as he chats with the writer behind Paradise Towers and Greatest Show In The Galaxy.
  • Target Trawl - A mammoth installment in Nick Mellish's reading marathon.
  • Screwdrivers, Scaries and Scarves: Regeneration - Jez Strickley offers some thoughts on this unique sci-fi creation.
  • The Better The Devil You Know - Richard Farrell looks back the Tenth Doctor's face-off with an ancient evil as he reassess The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit.
  • Dalek's Advocate: Love and Monsters - Jez Strickley takes up the Skarosians case for this much debated adventure.
  • The Memory of Darkness: Part Four - The concluding installment of our original fiction story by Julio Angel Ortiz.
Plus all our regular columns: Screwdrivers, Scaries & Scarves/ Target Trawl/ Parallel Lines, features and more!

The Third Zone - Issue 2

In this issue:
  • Merchandise reviewed From Big Finish we have The Feast of Axos, The Perpetual Bond and Andy has tackled both The Mutants and The Ark on DVD. Note – we were going to include the latest eighth Doctor audio Lucie Miller but we have decided to review the two-part storyline as a whole.
  • Matter of Perspective - Steve Lyons' popular New Adventure, Conundrum come under the limelight. Reversing our roles from last month, Andy has been reading away and has a good grilling by yours truly.
  • The Evelyn Escapades seems to have been one of the most popular elements on the site with the most hits (the reviews excepted) and this month we have completed The Spectre of Lanyon Moor.
  • Charlotte and Simon, our non-fan cohorts have been watching the William Hartnell classic, Planet of Giants.
  • Amy Pond, heavenly or floozy? Andy stands in defence of the Doctor’s latest companion whilst I try and convince you that she doesn’t quite work.
  • Interviews with two of Big Finish’s most exciting writers, Jacqueline Rayner (Wolfsbane, Dr Who & the Pirates) and Simon Guerrier (The Perpetual Bond). They share their thoughts on their latest work.
  • Who Online this month praises the Big Finish review and voting site, The Time Scales.
  • I look back at Nicholas Courtney's contributions to Doctor Who and include my top five favourite Brigadier stories.
All this plus part two of our exciting three part fiction piece, The Shadows Makers written by Joe Ford and an essay looking at the delightful Big Finish spin off The Companion Chronicles Seasons 1-3

Issue three will be released April 15th.

The Hub - Issue One

One of the first of its kind The Hub promises to bring content from all era’s of Torchwood- from Season One to the upcoming fourth season Miracle Day. Each issue is packed with nearly thirty pages of content, offering opportunities to any article and fan fiction writers.

In the debut Issue, we bring you...
  • We look at Torchwood Through Time
  • Brand new action packed fiction The Five Jacks begins
  • The Fandom Zone features a review of popular online spoof show Doothcrow.
  • The Torchwood Debate discusses which is the better season format.
  • We see if Gwen Cooper is either a “Hore” or “Heroin”.
  • All the latest from the set of Miracle Day.
  • All the Latest News in the Torchwood Universe.
  • A preview of forthcoming Torchwood anthology: Time for Change.
  • And two free posters!
All this is free to download this now!

The Best Doctor Who Poems in the Universe

It’s June 2011 and Series 6 is in its mid-season break and a unique new Doctor Who book has been published - but it needs your contributions NOW otherwise it will never happen and could cause no end of wibbly wobbly timey wimey problems!

Just like the Tenth Doctor and Shakespeare used the power of words to defeat the Carrionites, this book needs you to use the power of words to create poems about Doctor Who. They can be about the Doctor, his companions, his enemies or even what Doctor Who means to you and is open to everyone.

For example:

Daleks, Daleks, everywhere
On the ground, and in the air.
You hear their voice and you know your fate
Because they are only here to exterminate!

But I’m sure you can do a lot better than that!! There will also be a special mention to anyone who can rhyme Raxacoricofallapatorius!

Please email your entries to:

• Include your name, age (if you want!) and location.
• Open to any age
• Poems can be a maximum of 30 lines in length.Maximum of two per person.
• All work should be your own and not previously published.
• Winning contributors will retain copyright of their work.
• The top 100 poems will be selected. The editor’s decision is final.

We also are looking for budding Vincent Van Gogh’s to send in your
Doctor Who line drawings to decorate the book. (Your name will be credited alongside your work).

Pictures to be sent via email, and need to be 300dpi jpegs and under 10MB
You can submit a maximum of two.
Deadline for entries: 14th May 2011

The Tides of Time archive

The eighth Doctor can be dismissed merely an embodiment of lost hopes and promises unfulfilled or broken. However, he was salvaged by the fans of Doctor Who and has enjoyed innumerable adventures across a fractured multiverse of print, audio and comic strip. Coverage of the books and audios will feature in later releases, but for now here are some responses to his one television appearance, in the 1996 TV Movie, as well as some original fiction with different takes on the eighth Doctor’s fate. These articles were published in The Tides of Time between 1996 and 2002, except for one which though dealing with the Oxford Doctor Who Society’s viewing of the TV Movie in 1996 was published in the last (to date) issue of Skaro in 1997. All the PDFs bar Independence Day (which has been reset for this release) are scans from the original photocopies or printouts of Tides, and reflect the technology used to make the originals.

  • West Coast Story. An optimistic outlook on Doctor Who‘s prospects written shortly before the broadcast of the TV Movie, misreading some of the auguries, by Matthew Kilburn. Published in Tides 19 (1996)
  • Independence Day. An account of the society’s reception of the TV Movie’s broadcast, by Matthew Kilburn. Published in Skaro [vol. 5 no.] 13 (1997)
  • An End to Things by David Bickley. A new psychologist at the Institute is drawn to patient number eight. Published in Tides 25 (2000)
  • Have We No Workhouses? by Derek Haywood. The eighth Doctor enjoys a post-TVM career as a media executive in the age of Cool Britannia, while his previous selves suffer. Published in Tides 27 (2001)
  • Reliquary Man, part one by Alexandra Cameron. The Doctor and his goddaughter Chandra meet Alexis de Tocqueville – but what are Polaroids and automatic weapons doing in mid-nineteenth century France? Published in Tides 28 (2002)
  • Reliquary Man, part two by Alexandra Cameron. An old foe waits for the Doctor. Published in Tides 28 (2002)

Eighth Doctor fiction by Alex Cameron can also be found in Tides 30 (2005), Tides 31 (2005) and Tides 32 (2006), all of which can be downloaded in full as PDFs.