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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 - Reported by Marcus
Colin BakerSixth Doctor, Colin Baker, has recently joined twitter and can be followed at @SawbonesHex.

Baker, who calls himself as an 'Actor, columnist, writer, husband, father, Wycombe Wanderers fan, grumpy old man', also has an official website at

Colin Baker has also paid tribute to the late Nicholas Courtney.

In a post on the website he describes Courtney as 'the guvnor’ and a true gentleman. He talks about attending Courtney's funeral which took place last week.
It was a substantial turn out, many of those attending from the world of Doctor Who, which was a tribute to the great man that Nick was. I remembered that whenever I met him he never failed to ask after my daughters whom he enquired of by name. He was an impressive man with great memory for people and a great interest in them. I gather there will be a memorial to him later in the year and have no doubt that the attendance at that will be huge and we will hear countless stories of his charm, humour and thoroughdecency.

I will miss him hugely and can only imagine how Karen, his wife, will be feeling. My heart goes out to her.