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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
This week's issue of the Radio Times sees Matt Smith feature on the cover for the first time this year as he returns to Saturday evening - though in this case "The Naked Doctor" is representing his new role as the gay icon Christopher Isherwood in the BBC Drama Christopher and His Kind, which will be broadcast on BBC2/BBCHD this coming Saturday at 9:30pm.

In an interview with the magazine, the actor compares Isherwood’s experiences in 1930s Berlin to those of his time-travelling alter ego, the Doctor:
"He left 1930s England and arrived in Berlin, a place that in comparison was an alien planet," says Smith, whose role as the young author is the first major drama he has taken on since being cast as the Time Lord. "There’s this burgeoning doom of Nazism emerging. It feels like there are vampires walking through the city. There are these brown shirts who are becoming more and more prominent and more and more vocal. They’ve started ransacking shops."

The new issue of the Radio Times is available in the shops from today.

You can also read an interview with Matt Smith on his role via the BBC Press Office.

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