The Reign of Terror, Vengeance on Varos added to DVD release scheduleBookmark and Share

Friday, 4 March 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Two new titles have been announced by 2|Entertain for the Doctor Who DVD schedule.

This afternoon saw the company reveal that First Doctor story The Reign of Terror would be released sometime next year. This will be the first incomplete story to be released on DVD since The Invasion back in 2006, with episodes four and five still missing from the BBC Archive. It is currently unclear whether this story would receive the same CGI animation reconstruction for the missing episodes like the Troughton tale, a telesnap reconstruction like the VHS release of The Tenth Planet back in 2000, or some other form, with the company merely stating via their @ClassicDW Twitter feed that:
.. REIGN OF TERROR! To be released as complete as can realistically be achieved. Likely late 2012.

During this evening DrWho Online revealed that the other release to the schedule is the Sixth Doctor adventure Vengeance on Varos, which forms part of the Revisitations strand of previous DVDs receiving a makeover and new lease of life. The announcement of the story follows on from 2|Entertain canvassing for opinion on a potential release when DVD schedules were published by Doctor Who Magazine in January.