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Monday, 21 February 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster

BroaDWcast is a new online resource that traces and catalogues the broadcasting of 20th Century Doctor Who throughout the world.

It is the brainchild of prominent New Zealand fan Jon Preddle, and is the culmination of many years work travelling and collating information from broadcasters etc. to create a site providing comprehensive coverage of 20th Century Doctor Who, with airdates and screening schedules from 1964 onwards for more than 70 fully-profiled countries.

Have you ever wanted to explore exciting foreign worlds? Worlds where El Doctor Misterio battles with the Dalekios; where Hombres Metalicos seek venganza; where the Sechst Doktor encounters Zweimel Einstein and Kybermanner; where Le Docteur Who is trapped by L'Araignee whilst seeking Les Yeux de Maurinius?

And have you have ever wondered:
  • when The Tomb of the Cybermen screened in Hong Kong?
  • why Carin C. Tietze is ace?
  • what is a Senorita Sistema Solar?
  • which city in America was the first ever to screen Doctor Who?
  • what is a Witchmaster from Gallifrey?
  • how many countries screened The Claws of Axos?
  • where Rhodesia sent its film prints?
  • who Gonzalo Uriarte provided the voicefor?
  • what was on television at 5.01pm on 14 March 1987 in the Seychelles?
The answers to those questions - and much, much more - can befound at BROADWCAST - the ultimate online index, directory and history of foreign broadcasts of DOCTOR WHO.
The site was launched at the weekend's GallifreyOne convention in Los Angeles, with layout design by Preddle, John Lavalie and Steven Warren Hill.

It is still a work in progress - currently estimated to be around 75% complete - and the site has a plea for further assistance and information in order to create the most complete record of Doctor Who's broadcast possible:
As with any research of this nature, there are gaps in the information - and perhaps even errors. If you can assist us in any way by filling in any of the gaps, or if you've got additional information, such as foreign newspaper articles, clippings, copies of TV listings, or sales literature that we can use, or if you spot something that is wrong or you plain just disagree with, please drop us a line

Jon Preddle is not shy of long-term projects, he is also the author of Timelink: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Continuity of Doctor Who, a two volume book exploring the complex continuity of the show, which has taken the author some fifteen years to compile! The books are due to be published by Telos Publishing at the end of February.