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Friday, 18 February 2011 - Reported by Harry Ward
The Third Zone

In this issue:
  • Reviews; We have reviews both by myself [Andrew Weston] and by my esteemed colleague Mr Joe Ford, covering all the latest releases in the worlds of DVD and audio.
  • The Evelyn Escapades; A look at the Big Finish audios in the manner of ‘The Time Team’, taking one character at a time. No prizes for guessing who’s first up!
  • Fiction; There’s fiction in the form of The Shadow Makers, part 1 of a 3 part tale, this month featuring the First Doctor and written by yours truly.
  • A Matter of Perspective offers a new look at the world of Who in print, as I quiz Joe this month about Steve LyonsThe Witch Hunters.
  • Interviews; We have not one but two exclusive interviews this month with Big Finish producer David Richardson, and Bernice Summerfield actress and director of Big Finish audios Lisa Bowerman.
  • Debate The Seventh Doctor’s era comes under the spotlight in our debate section this month.
  • Who Online takes a look at ‘The History of the Doctor’.
  • Non-Who Opinion; as both mine and Joe’s other half watch a Doctor Who story and share their thoughts. Be warned, there may be some colourful language!
  • Essay Last, but by no means least, Joe has written an essay on the joys of the Hartnell historicals – and if that doesn’t convert you, nothing will!
We hope you enjoy reading issue 1 as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Any comments can be added on the site or be sent to, and we’ll post some next issue.

Rassilon's Rod: Issue 3

  • Christmas Carol assessed
  • The Third Doctor
  • Delgado
  • Matrix Data ****; your queries answered by Salateen and Chellak
  • Opening Nights; what makes a good first episode
  • Reconstructed; fan recons and The Web Of Fear
  • The Krotons part 3
  • Philip Hinchcliffe's Production Notes
Plus toons and daft gubbins.

20 pages, A4

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Fish Fingers and Custard: Issue 4

In this latest Issue:
  • Reviews of A Christmas Carol
  • The Third Doctor
  • RTD: Genius or Mad Man?
  • An In Depth Look At Dalek Empire
  • The Secret Diary Of A Whovian
  • Hots and Nots - The Doctor Who Fandom Style Guide
  • An Unearthly Child: 2010AD
And Much More!

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Doctor Who Appreciation Society's Celestial Archive: Voices from the Past

Having started in 1976 the Society has accumulated over the years a huge library of material, and in this part of the website we will make the best parts available for you to view, with a new theme added each month.

Wherever possible we have presented the selected articles in their original format, to give a true flavour of what those old publications were like. In the coming months we will present a selection of items drawn from Society publications - Celestial Toyroom, TARDIS, Cosmic Masque, STINFOs and more, including correspondence and photographs you may not have seen.

Although we have an almost complete set of DWAS publications much of what has been printed over the years was 'of it's time' and is unlikely to be of general interest today. Therefore, in order to present the best of what is available we have selected articles, features and interviews based around specific themes and will bring them together here in different categories. There are also a small number of Society publications that we can present in their entirety and some will also be available to view online in due course.

  • Ian Scoones Interviewed - Ian Scoones (1940-2010) contributed Visual Effects to many Doctor Who stories inclusing City of Death, Curse of Peladon and The Invisible Enemy.
  • Interview - Gerry Davis - Gerry Davis (23 February 1930 - 31 August 1991) was a British television writer, best known for his contributions to the science-fiction genre. He also wrote for the soap operas Coronation Street and United! From 1966 until the following year he was the script editor on Doctor Who, for which he co-created the popular cybernetic monsters the Cybermen.
  • Interview - Verity Lambert - Verity Ann Lambert, OBE (27 November 1935 – 22 November 2007) was an English television and film producer. She is best known as the founding producer of Doctor Who and for her many credits including Adam Adamant Lives!, The Naked Civil Servant, Rock Follies, Minder, Widows, G.B.H., Jonathan Creek and Love Soup.
  • Michael Craze - Ben Jackson - Michael Craze (29 November 1942 – 8 December 1998) was a British actor noted for his role of Ben Jackson, a companion of the Doctor, in the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. He played the part from 1966 to 1967 alongside both William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton.
  • The Direction - Peter Moffatt - To tie in with the 20th Anniversary special The Five Doctors the DWAS produced a large format commemorative booklet called The Making of the Five Doctors. This is an interview with director Peter Moffat about taken from that publication.
  • The John Wiles Interview - Part 1 - John Wiles (20 September 1925-5 April 1999) was a television writer and producer, now best known for being the second producer of Doctor Who, succeeding Verity Lambert. He was credited as producer on four serials between 1965 and 1966, namely The Myth Makers, The Daleks' Master Plan (which lasted for twelve episodes), The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve, and The Ark.
  • The John Wiles Interview - Part 2

Oxford University Doctor Who Society - Tides of Time archive: First Doctor special

The Tides of Time started publishing in 1990, just as BBC Video turned their attention towards releasing more Doctor Who on VHS and also increased the proportion of black and white serials in their schedule. This context, combined with fannish curiosity about the early years of the programme and a scholarly drive to seek the essence of Doctor Who in the origins of the series, meant that Tides has never neglected the first Doctor. I’ve now uploaded some fiction featuring the first Doctor published over the years, as well as a few story reviews and our tribute to Sydney Newman.

All the articles are scans from the original photocopied or inkjet-printed fanzines, except for the reviews of The Aztecs and The Dalek Invasion of Earth where the quality of the originals was too poor. These have been reset.

All the articles remain the copyright of the contributors.