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Thursday, 27 January 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Back in the seventies, kids in the UK could often find the chance to be a "Dalek" when visiting the seaside! Though these old Edwin Hall rides have long-since been exterminated from holiday venues, 2011 looks set to give our own children the chance to unleash their own mastery of the universe ...

Welsh toy company Kids@Play have announced the launch of a new Ride-in Dalek toy for children! The toy is aimed for three to six year olds (maximum weight of 30kg).

Using a unique and patented concept of an inflatable body attached to a high density plastic base, the Kids@Play innovative design team have come up with a safe, strong and exciting toy which meets all the new essential safety standards.

The Dalek body is made from a mixture of ballistic nylon/laminated rubberised polyvinyl which is soft and tactile to the touch. This makes the Ride-in very durable, structurally safe, tear resistant and easy to inflate and assemble. The Dalek has a 6v battery powered motor which gives 360 degree steering and a maximum speed of 3km per hour. The battery is re-chargeable and comes complete with country specific charger. The steering wheel has 10 authentic Dalek phrases that are button activated. The ride-in comes with flashing lights for an atmospheric glow, giving the child the maximum realistic feeling of being in the Dalek and moving around like a Dalek.

The Ride-in is surrounded by a soft bumper to protect furniture and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors activity (providing there is a flat surface), and comes in two parts – a motorised base and inflatable body section.

BBC Worldwide says "we have always dreamed of developing a Ride-in toy Dalek, but no-one had previously been able to achieve this for us. We are so excited by the Kids@Play project; this will be an industry first for us".
A video has been released to promote the toys, which also feature at the Nuremberg Toy Fair (3rd February 2011).

(video via Kids@Play on YouTube)

The Ride-in Daleks will be exclusively distributed in the UK through Zappies, and are due to be on sale in shops like Forbidden Planet during the summer (RRP £199).

You can see one of the old Edwin Hall Dalek rides in operation in this You-Tube video!

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