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Saturday, 22 January 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Filming for Torchwood: Miracle Day continued this week in Los Angeles, California.

The week saw the main cast joined by Bill Pullman (Oswald Danes), Arlene Tur (Doctor Vera Jaurez), and original cast member Tom Price (Andy Davidson), with scenes filmed within an old prison, a "haunted" hospital, and Los Angeles City Hall!

As with last week, filming details are compiled from the tantalising tidbits revealed by the cast and crew on Twitter, plus the official production office feed, BBC Torchwood.

A more detailed breakdown of developments during the week follows below; times have been quoted for the local Californian timezone.



A new week, but no rest for the 'wicked'!
10:40 AS  A 30 hour weekend was not enough to prepare me for the week.
Womens prisons, haunted hospitals... And btw those rn't storylines.
14:32 BBC After a long great week of work we're at it again.
Eve, Mekhi, & Kai all day today.
They say hello and tell everyone you know to follow us!
The shoot was summed up by Kai Owen:
21:06 KO  Cracking day. Cracking Day. Eve gorgeous, Mekhi awesome.
No confirmation on where filming took place, but apparently popular vampire series True Blood was shooting next to the Torchwood production; as BBC_Torchwood put it: "Stealth mission #1: sneak Russell onto the set. Oops Ryan K, how did we get into your trailer?"


A busy day, with a production meeting for episodes two and three in the morning:
07:47 JE  Meeting John Barrowman RIGHT NOW. He's RIGHT THERE.
08:52 BBC They're having a table read for EP#2 upstairs.
Bill Pullman is on location today. Great stuff.
11:43 TP Just done read of eps 2&3. Woooo. It's really good.
I played several roles, including Man#2 which I think
has awoken LA to my arrival well.
13:01 BBC Family style lunch with everyone.
We're all going to have Welsh accents by the end of this show.
It'll be wonderful.
13:58 KO The read through was epic! Amazing scripts. Great cast. Brilliant.

First "TW-Spy" for this week comes from Tom Price:

(posted via yfrog)

Actual filming for the day was at the Sybil Brand Institute, a former women's prison which closed in 1997 and has since been used for a variety of films and television, including Gangland, 24 and The X Files. No time off for the crew though, with another early morning start:
00:22 AS  is going to prison at 6:42am. 
I'll check in via FB and twitter once I'm situated haha
07:01 ST Big scenes today dressing 86 background head to toe.
15:11 AS Laying on a cold hard floor...

23:56 GB a very long day with an 8am script read for episodes 2+3,
then long location shoot at an old prison -
we love Arlene Tur a lot....


Another day, another location, this time the Linda Vista Hospital which since closure in 1991 has been the focus of a number of paranormal investigations as it is allegedly haunted! Unsurprisingly, it is another popular site for productions, playing host to Outbreak, Pearl Harbour, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the original hospital for the pilot for E.R.! Today, however, it's the turn of Torchwood and first day in front of the camera for both Bill Pullman and Tom Price

(This was of course assuming that Tom and Kai had recovered from a previous day's excitement at Universal City! As Tom surmised: "Off to do some work soon. Not sure I'm ready. Can't I just keep going on roller coasters?")
10:36 KO  Off in to work. It's gonna be emotional, and very HOT!!!
12:26 AS Oh my gosh. Bill Pullman = brilliant!
So frighteningly good it's hard to watch.

"TW-Spy" continues as Alana, Kai and Tom go on a ghost hunt in-between filming:

(posted via Twitpic)


A night shoot, with Los Angeles City Hall being the focus of attention.
09:30 AS  Oh boy... couldn't sleep in this morning but I have to work all night,
outside, in the cold... this might not be good.
14:20 BBC The action never stops, tonight is a big night for John and Alexa
on location in LA. We working hard on trying to release teasers :-)
14:24 BBC Tomorrow is a super big travel day for cast and crew.
Goodbye LA, hello Wales. :-)
Don't worry, we'll be tweeting from both locations.
14:31 BBC We will miss everyone here until you return, wishing you safe travel.
Now its time for the highly anticipated day 9 explosion. FUN.
18:53 BBC EP 2 and 3 production meeting then off to set to visit John and Alexa -
we hear its really exciting over there.

A number of fans were able to watch some of the filming outside the Hall during the evening:
I heard online that there was going to be an on location shoot for Torchwood in downtown LA, specifically at City Hall. Knowing how rare an opportunity to see John Barrowman is, living in the US, I decided I had to at least try or I would regret it. My friends and I arrived when they were still setting up, this was around 5pm. We saw the film crew and loads of prop vans and trailers. But alas no Barrowman, nor did we glimpse Alexa Havens who we heard would be there and I am a fan of from her soap opera days.

We DID however get friendly with a number of the folks working on the shoot a prop guy, a few security guards, some lighting technicians, everyone was very nice and didn't mind that fans were around so long as we were quiet for rolling and didn't pummel the talent. We also ran into 2 other BarrowFans and we teamed up for the night.

After the first part of filming, where we were not at an angle to SEE JB or Alexa they moved to a different part of the building. We walked to the new set up and we could plainly see the rehearsing and filming which was such a treat. We were pretty content just getting to see Jack in action but then John Barrowman went above and beyond and acknowledged us!

He was filming then he made his way towards a van and he yelled over to us that he was going to get done up and I yelled back that he looked fabulous to which he responded thank you and that he would come visit us later, bless, what a GEM of a man he is.

He was gone for quite a while actually and when he returned he went back to filming at which point we got chummy with some of the extras, one of which I gladly educated about the phenomenal John Barrowman. Needless to say I saw quite a bit of what was going on a few tidbits about the scenes and effects going into the new series BUT they specifically asked me not to take photos and I got the impression that gossip about details would be frowned upon so for now I'll keep to myself with the promise I will re-blog once the show has aired, sound fair?? I hope you understand I just don't want to step on any toes.

So, after some more filming and minutes after my jaw had a random attack of pain, maybe from smiling too much, we see John and Alexa walking towards us. Which, we were pretty far actually so as to not be in the shot. They came over and greeted us with thanks and hugs. And let me just say, John Barrowman smells 51st century for sure. He hugged me and apologized for getting me wet cause they filmed a wet scene, mind out of the gutters people! He also was kind enough to stay and chat for a few minutes. He signed papers and what we had for everyone and he did so with a Sharpie I produced from my chest, thank you *takes a bow*, best pocket EVER. He did also slip in some kind words about my chest when I produced a small piece of paper I prepared for him out of my bra. I just gave him information about Barrowman Day, you know me ALWAYS at the ready! We didn't get a picture because he wasn't allowed to while it wardrobe but he promised to next time I meet him, should I be so lucky.

(with thanks to Dana Shukartsi from Barrowman Day - read her full blog entry on-site)

Dana was also able to visit the South Spring Street shoot last Friday - you can read her report in the Week One Summary.

(with thanks to Kristine Keller)

(with thanks to Tony Arranaga)

Last word goes to Director of Photography Nathaniel Goodman for this week: "US shooting finished on high note Ep 1 Torchwood. Cool stunt - Capt. Jack and newby Esther great. Pullman kills as usual. Off to Wales!"

Key to initials: AS - Alana Stone (fashion designer); BBC - BBC Torchwood (production office); GB - Gavin Barker (John Barrowman's agent); JE - Jane Espenson (writer); KO - Kai Owen (Rhys); ST - Shawna Trpcic (costume designer); TP - Tom Price (Andy)

Next week sees the shoot move across the Atlantic back to Torchwood's homeland, South Wales; costume designer Shawna Trpcic reported on Tuesday that costumes had been sent over (and that Gwen's new costume had been well received!), and confirmed on Thursday that UK-series veteran Lindsay Bonaccorsi would be handling the UK-side.

It also appears to be an extended shoot to the originally expected fortnight mentioned by Eve Myles last year. The Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles takes place on 18-20th February, and organiser Shaun Lyon has reported:
It's with great sadness that we must announce that Kai Owen and Tom Price will not be able to be with us at Gallifrey 2011. Tenth Planet Events (who was sponsoring them) just informed us that their UK filming schedule on the next series of Torchwood, which starts next week, has been extended, and regrettably, what they both expected would be a quick trip back to LA for the convention has to be cancelled.
The only known location for the UK shoot at the time of writing is at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay on the 1st February, the interior of which last appeared in the series representing the offices of Permanent Secretary to the Home Office and Torchwood liaison John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth.
Torchwood filming at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff all day 1st February. Locals have been asked not to park in the car park area just outside as building is to be used as "a Victorian hospital" apparently.

(with thanks to Paul Mount)

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