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Monday, 20 December 2010 - Reported by Chuck Foster
BBC Magazines will be launching a new partwork magazine in April 2011, entitled Doctor Who: Monster Invasion.

The magazine was first published in April during Matt Smith's first series, but was only available in southwest England in a test run to see how it might be received. This original series of six issues introduced a new card game with some 90 cards to collect; there were also special 3D cards that enabled the collector to interact with the magazine's website, which also provided further information about the cards and magazine, and also games to play.

(This website is still active, and it is possible to sign up for a newsletter for more information on developments.)

It isn't clear as yet whether the April launch will be a completely fresh start or will build upon the card series previously released.

Comic artist Jamie Smart has recently announced that he is working on the project, via his blog:
(Jamie successfully submitted a test piece in 2009) Just before Christmas I was called up to the BBC, given a hard drive filled with top secret images from the (as yet unscreened) new series, and sent away to work on six more pieces. The magazine was released in a test area of the country, and then for the most part of this year I sat and waited.

Word came in a little while ago that it had gone well, they were to roll the magazine out across the UK, and would I consider carrying on? A long-term contract like this, to produce weekly work for over a year, is usually a dream to freelancers, but I did have concerns. There are already a handful of other projects I need to be working on next year, and I’ve been real worried that I’m trying to take too much on. But then the sense of reason kicks in, it’s Dr Sodding Who. What an opportunity.

"Partwork" magazines are those that are regularly published as part of a series, normally to build up a collection, and Doctor Who is no stranger to the format! Back in 2006, Battles in Time also revolved around a collectible card game, and was published until 2009. Last year then saw the launch of the Doctor Who Files, a DVD collector series which initially released the first four series of 21st Century Doctor Who, but has since continued with classic series stories (as well as completing the David Tennant Specials in the next couple of months).

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