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Monday, 26 July 2010 - Reported by Marcus
SFX Magazine: TorchwoodIssue four of the Finished Product, the unofficial companion to the Big Finish audio series, is due for imminent release.

This issue concentrates on the UNIT series, looking at it from inception through to final execution, as well as revealing some ideas for the never-made second series. And lots of the interviewees talk about their memories of David Tennant in one of his final roles before playing the Tenth Doctor.

Interviewees include producer Ian Farrington, writers Simon Guerrier, Iain McLaughlin, Jonathan Clements and Joseph Lidster, directors Edward Salt and John Ainsworth, actors Ian Brooker and Robert Curbishley, as well as sound designer and composer David Darlington.

In addition, there's also an interview with DWM award-winning Big Finish composer Russell Stone.

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